Wednesday, September 19, 2012


(My cute little brother - Kim)

I know that I said I would be right back, and some of you have been wondering “Where did she go?”
Well, after returning home from Alaska, we immediately began our new school year and instead of being able to blog the way I wanted to, I have been immersed in finding the new “normal” around here.  
I haven’t forgotten about the BIG thing that we saw in Alaska that I was going to show you.
It just takes time around here for me to get to things.  So, keep an eye out cuz I will be returning to more consistent blogging (I hope), soon!
Loves to you all and praying for a wonderful new school year for your families. 

1 comment:

  1. Miss ya! I sur understand about all the time homeschool takes- It take me well into the afternoon to get done with this crew! In fact I always feel like we aren't done- there's always more we could do!

    Blessings on your school year!


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