Friday, April 27, 2012


I received this message from Aiden...

 “Command Center, the area is secure; the bad guys are gone; the baby is safe.  Captain Aiden reporting.  Over and out."
With a serious face, I thanked him for his service to the family.  And just as seriously he replied “Your welcome Ma’am.  It’s an honor.”  

I gotta tell you, I feel so much safer having Captain Aiden on standby.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

That’s A Lot Of Cuteness

 We had wonderful good Colorado weather yesterday and excitedly headed to the mountains to play with our sweet friend, Adeye and her family.
 Nineteen children gave us a lot of opportunity to capture some cuteness.
After a simple but good picnic, we went for an easy hike (right Adeye?) LOL
 Mommy and her babies....nothing cuter.
 It was a wonderful time and I am always so encouraged when I get to spend time with this precious friend. 
 And, as crazy as it sounds, it was a very relaxing time to just chat, laugh and talk. 
Babies with mommies, children enjoying the outdoors, friends enjoying companionship, and the glories of the mountains...I call that a GOOD day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me, Little Man

 But someday
 I will be big enough
 to wear my big brothers shoes.
Till that day though, I’ll just try to keep up with him, even if I do put his shoes on the wrong feet.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Live As You Are Called

Are you living as you were called?
“Only let each person lead the life that the LORD has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.”  I Cor. 7:17

"What are you going to be when you grow up?”

“What will you do after college?”

So many people ask these questions, and they are normal questions to ask.  Yet, there is also a certain pressure to give the “correct” answer.  And, if you are a girl it can become even harder.
I remember being in high school with the pressure to answer these questions.  We had to take test in school to find out what our strengths were so that the counselors could “help” us map out our future.  I tested high in (your going to laugh)....

Child Development 
I loved Landscape Architecture

So I followed the “wisdom” of the advisors and went to college for a few years.  I enjoyed some of it, hated other parts of it.  I really felt that I was wasting my time and my money, but this was what I was suppose to do, right?  I finally took a break from the whole college thing to work and earn money, thinking I would finish up my degree later when I could afford it.  
I desperately wanted to move to the mountains, so packing up my little Ford truck, and headed to Colorado.  Long story short, God had a plan.  I finally met my husband, married and began a family.  
Years later, one of the children asked me “the” question;
“Mommy, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

All these years later, I finally had the wisdom, and the courage to answer this question truthfully.

“I always to be a mommy to a lot of little darlin’s!”  
I think someone chuckled and said something along the lines of, “Well, that's good, since that is what you are.”
Why is it that being married, serving my family, and being a mommy aren’t good enough answers for most people?
I have an opinion here of course, but it isn’t the point of this post.  
Well, then, what is my point? 
As Christians, I believe that we must encourage those younger than us to seek the LORD’s plans for their lives!  Boy or girl, the LORD does have a purpose for their lives.  The Bible gives plenty of guidance, as does the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I saw it in Jace.  He was a young man ready to live his life.  We had trained him that a man should work to support himself and his family.  He should use his God given strengths and gifts to serve the LORD and those around him.  At eighteen he left home, and he was ready for whatever his future was.  He did go to college and will graduate this summer.  (And, yes, I am very proud of him.)  He is married now, and takes responsibility for himself, his family and his work - the way a man should.  Most of us can agree with this with a hearty “Amen”.  
And Kalyn?  What about her?  She has graduated from high school, and there have been questions for years actually that have caused a certain amount of pressure for her.  Of course the questions are normal and to be expected, asked with love and interest; desires to encourage and support her on the next leg of her journey.  Still, the pressure has been there, because she doesn’t feel that she is to follow the “normal”.  Ultimately, she believes what she has learned in the Bible and from her walk with the LORD.  She feels in her heart that it is a noble and good thing to be a woman who will someday marry and care for her family.  So why is it harder for a girl to give that as an answer?  Sadly, it just doesn’t seem to be “good enough”.  She has also wanted to be a missionary since she was 5 years old, and told me in no uncertain terms.  See, she really has always known deep down.
And now my job as her mother is to encourage her, to support her, and to remind her to live as she is called by the LORD, her God.  
I also find encouragement for myself as I read the above verse.  I once told my mother, as we were bringing home our last two children, that “yes”, it is hard, but I just feel that I was born to do this work.  
So for you, who ever you are today, seek the Lord for the answers to your questions.  Seek HIIM,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I’ve Been Missin'


I am running to so many appointments that I just have not had any time to visit ya’ll much.  I’m off to Denver again today for an appointment for Clive.  So, I just wanted to give ya’ll a quick 
“HI”, and praying your week is going well.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Test Of Silence

Not my children - of course - no silence there.
So what silence am I referring to?
George Muller said “The great point is never to give up until the answer comes.”
In Matthew 15 an emotional story unfolds;
-a woman comes crying to Jesus with a very serious request,
-a demon oppressed daughter - no help for her has come,
-a desperate situation,
-a plea for mercy from a mother’s heart...

But “Jesus did not answer a word.”  (Matt. 15:23)
Sometimes I would pay for this precious gift.
But not if someone I love is hurting; not when I am in a desperate situation; not when I cry out to the LORD.
I would really like to hear something good from Him.

What did the mother do in the story with His silence?  She kept crying out to Him. 
This story has always bothered me just a touch.  But I started noticing a few things lately.  First, in his silence, Jesus was expecting the woman's continuing response of faith.  Second, there were people watching this story unfold, and He wanted to teach them something. 

This mother never gave into despair, she never let go of hope, and she humbled herself at His feet.
“Lord, help me.”, she said.  
Why would she continue to pursue Jesus this way?   
Because of her faith...she believed that He was merciful.  She believed that He was the Lord, Son of David.  She believed that He would help her, even though she was a Gentile, and not a Jew.  
Her faith was great.  His mercy was sure.  Her daughter was healed.
And those that saw?  I don’t know for sure what they thought.
But when I read this story of faith, I am challenged today to not give up.  
My devotion says “He invited us in the silence to explore His character, learn of His will, and gain a proper perspective of how we fit into His plans.  He tells us to seek and we will find.”
When I first felt that the LORD was telling us to adopt Clive and then later Noelani, both times, I felt that He reminded me “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who ask receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.”  Matt. 7:7-8.  Of course, in my short sighted vision, I was thinking of the money it would take to bring them home.  
But now, now......
He is more interested in my heart.  
I want faith like she had!
Today, in the silence, I pray one thing...
“Lord, help me.”

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How In The World???

-can it already be Thursday?
-did I only get a picture of Keshawn at Easter, and none of the family?

-will I make it today with no water because the water pump is broken?  (I bought a LOT of water at the store, cuz those toilets are going to get disgusting pretty soon).
-will I catch up on home education with all the dr. appointments we keep having?
-can I start making weekly menus again, when I keep forgetting to do it until supper, and then it’s to late and I’m to tired?

Today, I’m feeling “Ug”ish.  I spent most of Monday (my birthday) at the Urgent care because the huge scrape I had on my leg became infected.  Steve and the children sure blessed me that night though with steak and chocolate cake.  And guess what my gift was?  A Kindle Touch.  I wasn’t sure I ever wanted one, but I am really enjoying it.  It’s so easy to hold at night when I want to read a bit before bed. 

This whole no water thing isn’t too fun.  I think of the many people in the world who live with little or no water every day.  It’s hard and it is so sad for the many mothers who can’t take care of their families properly.  May be it will rain today and I will throw all those dirty dishes in the children pool with some soap.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrating This Beauty

 This little beauty graduated high school this past December.  We finally got some pictures of this special time in her life this last weekend.  I am so proud of the special young woman that Kalyn is.  Her name means “pure”, and she honestly fits her name most perfectly.  She has become a best friend to me!  We are excited to see the next part of the LORD’s journey for her life.  Kalyn has always been interested in missions, so we will see.
But today, we celebrate her accomplishments and her hard work.  And I am SO GLAD that the LORD gave her to me.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Good Tips For A Hard Week

You want to know my two most favorite tips for a hard week?
Well, I’ll tell you,

On Tuesday I took Kiana and Garett to the eye doctor because they seem to be having problems reading; as in, unable to do school work at all now.  The good news was that their eyes are just fine!  Which left me wondering as I headed home, “What’s wrong then?"
I have been really working and researching the last few months to determine if and who of the children might have learning problems.  I have mentioned Dianne Craft if past posts and am looking into her information because we just found out that Corbin is dyslexic. 
As I was driving home I had several questions?

Why has Kiana been reading for years, although with great difficulty, and then all of a sudden “can’t read”?  Why can’t Garett see the letters in a book?  Why does he rub his eyes and yawn when he reads?  It’s like watching gears that are rusting and grinding to a halt when I watch either of them trying to do their school work. 
As I was trying to come up with a new teaching plan for the children yesterday, I decided to do the Eye/Hand Dominance Check from Dianne Craft’s book, Brain Integration Therapy.  I knew that Corbin was “mix dominant” and now I was suspecting that Kiana and Garett might be.  Sure enough, both of them, and Corbin, are left eye dominant, and right handed.  A “mixed dominant” like this can create a great deal of stress and frustration for a child.  
I am grateful to know “what is wrong” and will now be focusing on Kiana, Garett, and Corbin with some specific “brain training” over the next year.  This should help them overcome these learning blocks.

I have found so much helpful information through Dianne Craft, and so much help for my children.  As is common in adopted children, there are learning difficulties with several of our children, and I always feel that I can get good support through her.
Today, I took Aiden to Denver for his occupational therapy appointment.  Long day, and no answers yet...we meet with a doctor next week and hopefully will get an auditory test done.  It will still be several weeks before we know anything about his sensory needs and what they can offer us.
what are my two good tips for a hard week?
1).  Go to lunch at your favorite restaurant with your husband!
2).  Come home and take a nap with your babies!!!
Yep, that’s it.  It is what I did today, and I feel much better already.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Small Window!!!

 We had a small window of time in the stomach flu, as I would find out later.  So we packed up a picnic and went to a favorite nearby canyon to enjoy some unseasonably warm Colorado weather.  This was also a small window of warmth, as we are under a winter storm advisor today ... ha - love it.
 A gloriously hot day, in one of my favorite places, with some of my favorite people was just what the doctor ordered for this mamma who has been in the house for over a week nursing her sick family.
 And the fun was just beginning.  We hiked down to the river.  I laughed inside, knowing that soon those wet feet would turn into wet legs, and then wet tummies and probably more.  You know, you just gotta live the fun to the fullest, even if you don’t have your swim suits.  
 Kiana always thinks her momma is a little silly, but who can’t laugh at a little silliness.  
 Even this little sweetie got into the fun.
 Then the splashing begin....
 ...and who doesn’t want a daddy to play with.
 Our three puppies worked hard to stay with us.  Bluez cannot stand it when I start exploring without him!  Rider, below, just got as close as his five month old legs could take him, found a warm place to rest, and waited till the next time he had to move.
 Then I got this great fun idea to go UP the waterfall.  Some wetness was going to happen now.  WHAT FUN IT WAS.  Crawling up rocks, and exploring under rocks as we followed the water.  
 Helping each other and laughing a lot.  That’s what family is.  Noelani and Clive were a little afraid, and also laughing and yelling with delight.  They were real troopers for their first ever outdoor adventure.  And obviously we didn’t take it easy on them.  As we were hiking up Clive would cling to a hand, Noelani would squeal that is was so “high”.  What till I get them up to the real mountains!  
 This little face says it all.
 It’s a little tiring getting 10 children and three puppies UP a water fall, but boy, was it worth it.  
 Coming back, we were just about to get on the trail.  The three puppies were waiting for me to lift them down, and one of the little darlings got impatient and jumped on me as I was getting down from a rock.  I fell down, scrapping my leg as I went.  But I caught the dog, and he didn’t even get a scratch.  LOL, oh well, there is usually a price to pay for fun, and it was still worth every bit of it.  
Some time after supper, Landon, who had not had the stomach flu, began to get sick.  By bed time, he was in full blown misery, and Steve and I were up with a sick little darling.  Now, that’s what I call good timing.  
Thank you LORD for our fun day together!
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