Friday, December 20, 2013

And All Of A Sudden...

… She was 16!!!!
 This girl - she fills my life with fun, laughter, joy and plenty of good ol’ silly life lovin’ goodness.  

 What a precious gift from the LORD it is to be her mother and to watch her grow up into the amazing and talented young lady that she is.  
 How can it be that 16 years has flown by so fast.  What a joy to share in her life!  
 We gave Caresse a special ring that I bought in China.  The heart has a beautiful jade stone in the middle.  
Happy Birthday my precious daughter.  I am so glad that the LORD gave you to me!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Down ...

One to go...
Joeliana’s hair is ready for Christmas.  It takes me DAYS to do these (really!!!!).  But she loves them. 
Now on to Alia.  
God really helped me this morning.  In between taking out Alia’s old hair style, I was able to cut 5 boys hair, and 3 girls hair.  Whew!!
Kalyn made me sugar cookies (with lots of icing), and I am thinking that is keeping me going … LOL
Are ya’ll almost ready for Christmas? 

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