Thursday, September 26, 2013

She Watches

me cut  Kalyn and Caresse's hair and this time asks if I will give her a "cool" hair cut.  
I'm not sure what she wants, bangs? No. Layers, may be? Not sure...
So I tell her to go wash her hair and I pray that the LORD will give me some inspiration...
for heaven's sake, I only cut hair to save money, I have never been trained in all the "cool" things.  
And I know that she really loves her long hair,
so what to do.
I hope it is O.K.  You talented hairdressers out there - if you see something wrong, please tell me so I can fix it...
I was so nervous as I cut 7 - 9 inches off in some areas - 
how could I not, for crying out loud; she is blessed with that crazy, awesome Asian hair that grows inches each month, and was past her bottom when I began our "cool" hair cut session today. 
I have always just cut her hair straight on the bottom;
not today though.  I was going to do my best to give her something different without having a heart attack that I was cutting this beautiful black mass that most women would literally kill for.

 I tried to round it around her face and down like an oval instead of the normal straight cut. She likes it, and I got a big hug and a "thanks, Mom".  So I guess it's O.K.

Monday, September 23, 2013


all so much for your encouragement and recommendations as we seek to help Clive.  I am so grateful for your comments and just to know that you are there as we walk this path with our precious one!!!!
We had my niece and her husband, Tiffany and Ben, stay with us tonight on their way from Texas to Organ where they will be training with YWAM mission school.   We are so proud of them.  
It is getting cold here in Colorado.  Snow was on the peak this morning.  It is really early for this, so we are mentally preparing for a REAL Colorado winter.  
We were able to take a few pictures after church this last weekend.  I liked this one of my sweet girls with me.
 I like this one too...such silly ones;
 I like this one, 
 and this one;
 and boys have to wrestle in-between shoots...
but they can get it together when mommy says, "Smile"!  (or else).
Ha, we moms do what we have to, don't we.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Caught Them....

...being creative;
which I think is so cute.
Not much happening here.  We still do not know about a possible job move, so for today, we are grateful for the home the the LORD has provided for us.  Besides the earlier fire that threatened our area, there has been horrible flooding in our state.  It has damaged so many towns.  We have been safe, and thankful for this.

We have started school ... first year of home educating TEN children.  With out the LORD's help, I have no idea how it is possible.  

We have found that Clive has very serious stuttering problems, and I have had to accept that he is really more than 80 percent non-verbal at this time.  I guess I wasn't really looking at the whole picture with Clive. Didn't we know, you may be wondering?  I kept telling myself that he would learn English, and things would get better; or that we would start school and he would "see" the letters and improve.    I just didn't understand that he CAN'T speak.  He uses a little sign language, and any other ways he can, to "speak" to us.  We just didn't realize how much we "fill in the blank" for him because it is so hard for him to say even a word.  Now I am trying to teach him 1st grade with Aiden, and I am finding that I need help to know how to best help him.  He is great with paper work - especially math.  We will meet with a speech therapist in the next few weeks and pray for guidance.  Have any of you helped a child that was non-verbal...any advice?
We arent' adopting right now ... I say that because many have wondered and asked...
And may be that is why I haven't blogged much these days.  
We want to, if the LORD wills it, in the future.  For now, we are shepherding the precious ones He has given us. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

And Then She Was 13...

She has come a long way since she first came home a year and a half a go.
We celebrated Noelani's 13 birthday last month.
She was so excited to get her 1st bike.  
Happy Birthday Noelani Rose.  
We are so glad that God gave you to us.

Monday, September 2, 2013


It seems that I am down to blogging once a month.  I am at a time in my life where much is happening and yet I am needing more 
"observing" the moments time.  I WANT to blog more, yet I need this moment to sit and see also.
Thank you all for sharing the times of our lives and for your sweet comments.  I still follow what is going on in your lives and pray for you.

September brings remember what I am thankful for;

...a daddy that takes care of his family, even when that means using his fishing boat for water play for his children, and grandchildren, because the "lake play boat" had a horrible accident.

 My family who works together to overcome whatever storms come our way....we are never alone.

 This woman, my mother, and Gommy to many... she has taught me what real courage is; to fight cancer and LIVE, to have children when you were told you couldn't, to endure financial hardships that few have known, to pray for healing when crippling arthritis struck her, to walk through an accident that crushed her leg and to pray that someday she would ski again...
She is inspiration to all of us that is we love the LORD and are willing to fight the hard battles the LORD loves to give us the desire of our hearts.  

 This man was my little son so many years ago.  I am forever grateful that the LORD chose me to be his mother.

 This man is my brother...and if you ask me (or him), it isn't the easiest of jobs.  How I love him.  He is ALWAYS there for me, and protecting me.  He loves on me and the many nieces and nephews that I have given him.  I know that any time I need him, he will be there. 
 And this sweet one, my daughter (in law), Karlie.  I use to say that I was blessed with one blondie, Careese, and then the LORD sent us Karlie.  She adds so much to my life, and I thank the LORD so often for giving her to us.

 How wonderful is has been to see my children try new things and succeed.  But we could never do it with out our extended family.

 Jace helped his newest brother Clive learn to ski this year.  Clive's face says it all....

 I remember chances to rest, and see the clouds;

 times of playing games with precious family; and enjoying the gift of a car for Kalyn.
 The many conversations shared, as well had the fun had on our favorite dock...

And I am grateful for my little man who first learned to ski on the young ski helper, bought my my thoughtful Kim and Karla.

Guess what else the LORD blessed me with?
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