Friday, October 29, 2010

Look At My Beautiful New Blog Design!!!

I am so excited to show off my beautiful new blog design just finished by Alexis!!!  Isn't she talented!
And here is a picture of Steve and I that I have been holding onto to help introduce the new blog design!  Isn't he cute!! Yea, that guy beside me.  We've come through a lot together and I am so thankful for him every day of my life.   OK, back to schooling.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Yet They Would Not Hear" - Will I?

SOOOO, back to the last post that I didn't finish;
I was (again) feeling so frustrated and defeated by some things and the most annoying of all being my own sinful responses.  In the silence of the night I talked with my Precious LORD about these things and this time He spoke something different to me.
Well, not different, or even new, but in a new light.  I think about living from a Biblical Perspective, and teach my children to view their life through the Words of Scripture and now the Lord was teaching me.
He said "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is My will". (I Thess. 5:18).  O.K, I've read that before and even "tried" it.  Silly me, I know, like a child, I want to do what will make me feel better and "fix" the problem.  Isn't it funny, I tell my children how to handle something, and I see in their faces that I am not giving them the answer that they want.  What they WANT is one of two, or sometimes, both of these two things;
1) listen to them fuss and feel all sorry for them (of course, we all want empathy, but we need to watch our hearts on this one);
2)...and/or fix their problem for them.
As the adult and the parent, I know that they need to listen to my advice if they are really going to get the best.
I'm so like them.  As I sat there wondering at the "giving thanks in all circumstances idea" (command from my precious LORD), I knew that the child in me wanted something different, like 1 and 2 mentioned above.
The LORD wasn't through with our teaching time.  He reminded me of a verse I had read that morning; "For by people of strange lips and with a foreign tongue the LORD will speak to this people, to whom He has said, "This is rest; give rest to the weary; and this is repose"; yet they would not hear."  Isaiah 28:11-12
Was I going to trust and HEAR what He was saying?
More words from Him - "peace, rest, contentment".  I felt like I was being handed puzzle pieces and I was trying desperately to put them together.
puzzle pieces
I remembered Proverbs 9:9 "Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man and he will increase in learning".  I certainly wanted to be like the wise man and receive His teaching and instruction, and not like the people of Is. who would not hear, so I kept straining to listen, learn and put it all together.
I was thinking on the different spoken Words from Him - "give thanks in all circumstances, His will, hear and receive His Words, peace, rest, contentment" - as I fell back to sleep. Had I only known, boot camp was just starting.
This morning we found out that there was/is going to be a little battle to fight to bring home Asher.  I was about to start our Bible time, with this weight of worry, and then the LORD said "Give Thanks now" I did; I truly looked for what I was thankful for and spoke it and then I began my Bible time with the children. More teaching for me from His Word flooded our Bible Time, and as I was teaching them, I was also receiving more puzzle pieces and trying to match them to the start of last nights picture.

"Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but he who rejects reproof leads other astray" Proverbs 10:17  What would I teach my children in this situation or would I lead them astray?  Will I heed the LORDS instruction?
""The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life...." Prov. 10:11  Will I speak life into the situation and into those who hear (especially my children).  How do I speak "life"?  The puzzle is coming together...speak life by giving thanks in all circumstances.  I have been praying for wisdom and the LORD is showing me that He has answered me.  Will I have understanding  (Prov. 10:13)?
"The way of the LORD is a stronghold to the blameless, but destruction to evildoers"  (Prov. 10:29)  Here comes some more puzzle pieces...peace, rest, contentment.  How does a stronghold make us feel?  Safe, protected, AT PEACE AND REST, CONTENT.  What is that stronghold?  The way of the LORD.  What is the way of the LORD that He is teaching me today?
This is what I feel I am learning..."Hear and heed the LORDS instructions for this moment.  Give thanks in all circumstances today - every time I am feeling stressed, anxious , worried, defeated, or struggling with something - for it is His will.  However and ALSO, as I give thanks in todays circumstances; I am leading my children in wisdom , bringing His life and light to the situation, will feel the peace, rest and contentment that comes from obeying and trusting Him, and dwell securely in His stronghold as I walk HIS Way, and not the worlds way.”
And so my puzzle comes together tonight, and I see something very beautiful and created by His Hand, and I am thankful!!!

Prayer Today Please!!

Would you please be praying for our adoption right now.  Things I can’t put here, but;
-praying for favor.....
-paperwork approval....
-meeting Ch@ approval....

Funny, just last night, I was awake for a while, which seems to be the normal for me lately.  So I prayed and talked to God.  I was confessing some “poor me” attitudes and negative feelings and just asking the LORD for wisdom and help with some things.  
I began to remember some Bible verses I had just read and here is what I felt HE spoke to me....

I have to get down stairs!  I know this is cruel to not finish this thought,
however, I do want to go ahead a post this part so ya’ll can start PRAYING!
I’ll finish up as soon as I get the children settled with school...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learning African Threading

My little African princesses are so beautiful and since the day that they have come home it has been a priority for me to learn to take care of their hair in the most natural and healthy way possible without destroying our budget.  It nearly killed me when one of my little princesses cut her hair last year!  However, it has come back beautifully and I wanted to try something new that I saw over at Nadine's GirlsLovesYourCurls.  It's called African Threading.  We have a Sally Beauty Supply here, so Steve stopped and bought me some black weaving thread and I was ready to go.  I started with Nadine's detangling and washing video's, and then began on the threading.

First, I love Nadine's YouTubes...she had a great sense of humor and she also explains what she is doing so well.

I also love the African threading because it is quicker and easier than micro-cornrows or box braids, yet I still feel that the girls hair is in a protective style.  I will be using this style more often and I would encourage any mother of a beautiful African daughter to give this a try.

And one more picture, just cuz she is so darn those eyes or what!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Asked So Nicely!!

Here’s me “rockin’ out the yarn hair”, as Dardi said.
This made my children laugh....I hope it gives you a smile also. 
 Two things that you need to know...
1).  It was the end of the day and I was really tired!!!
2).  If you have known me for long, you know that I have a “baby” that I Ford yes, I LOVE Ford.
Something new to show you...soon, I watching!
Have a blessed evening!  

Some Yarn Sillinss

I made four different yarn bunches so that the girls could practice braiding.  It didn’t take long of course, for the children to decided to get silly with it!

They did make me put on one of their silly creations and giggled at me.  I wonder why....
want to see?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playing With Frames

I usually get to play around in my PSE on the weekends.  
This frame was a free download from The Coffeeshop Blog - one of my favorite inspirational places!!!
And, of course, two of my favorite people are featured.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have started a pictorial journal if you would like to check it out.....


Friday, October 22, 2010

Some One Wanted To Run Away Today

I was busy in the kitchen making a dessert for tonight's meal when I heard crying coming from outside where several children were jumping on the trampoline.   One of my little tattle tales came in to proclaim that a sister had hurt Corbin's feelings.  So I brought her in where she wasn't allowed to play till she could change her attitude.  Several minutes later the little tattle tale came back in and told me "Corbin wants to go back to Oklahoma" (that is where he was born).
REALLY, I was thinking, AND WHO PUT THAT IDEA IN HIS HEAD!!  So I brought Corbin in now and took him to a quiet room and said,
"So you want to go to Oklahoma."  He started crying even harder and I ask him why.  He said so that "people" (siblings) wouldn’t be mean to him and hurt his feelings.
By now I was chuckling on the inside and decided to explore his line of thinking.  So I asked him who he was going to stay with.  He  looked at me and said “You”.
Chuckling out loud now I asked if we were both running away to Oklahoma and he said yes.
I told him we would miss everyone else here, and how about he just tell me when a sibling hurts his feelings and I will take care of it.  And besides I had a yummy dessert for supper tonight and we would miss it also.  He smiled all big and said O.K., told the offender that he forgave her and ran off to play.
I'm so glad that I don't have to go to Oklahoma would really mess up my plans and I can think of other places I would rather run away to...ummm, like Hawaii!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurtin’ Darlin’ and Raw-ness

My little sweet darlin’ is really hurtin’!  She has a horrible bad chest cold, an impacted tooth and had some braces put in her mouth to help with the tooth.  These braces go on the inside of her teeth and are really hurting her. She has hardly been able to eat anything. 
In other random news, 
Steve finally went back to work today, but still feels horrible;
school has been hard with so many sick ones;
I am so unorganized right now!  
And now, to interrupt random blog news with raw-ness...
I know...mothers of large families are suppose to have it all together!  I’ve been telling myself for weeks “Come on Shonni, Pull Yourself Together!!!!!”.  I couldn’t even tell you how many nights I wake up and think that I’ll “do better” with everything tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and things don’t go the way I was hoping!  In one corner of the ring I fight with myself about the realities...sick family, interrupted sleep, LOTS of dentist and dr. appointments, etc. and in the other corner - I should be getting up earlier, planning the meals, spending better quality time with the children, doing school “better”, loving Steve better...
I’m sure my greatest enemy is myself...
A glimpse into my mind tonight....not to pretty huh?  I struggle almost every day right now to post anything on my blog because if I were honest I would have to say AGAIN...”Struggling” and I figure at some point I am going to loose family and friends with that.  
It’s not that anything BIG or HORRIBLE is happening...just little battles of self expectations and little voices that I hear telling me who and what I should be.  And I feel wore out, unmotivated and how do you blog about that to people you love and hope and pray love you?
I have spent many days praying that I would hear the LORD’s voice and I do find comfort in HIM.  Still, there is a battle and so, I share here...
and realize that what I am really showing is my vulnerability to my own idols - to do things in a way that I feel good about.  
O Lord, how I love Your Word.  It is precious beyond all earthly treasures Father.  Incline my heart to Your Word and break my bondage to other things.  Forbid that I would be false to Your faithfulness and fill me with Your Spirit that I may serve You and You alone and find joy in that service each day.  For Your Glory and to live in Your love, I pray! Amen”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Detangling Children's Natural 4b 4c Hair - Pre-wash

If you have a daughter with beautiful African hair, you must watch this YouTube...and be sure to check out her other YouTube’s. They are really helpful!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last of Ten

IMG_1500-e.jpgI wish I  could take a nap like this little darlin'.  He loves to tuck his hands up under his tummy and I have learned to put a pillow at his head, but he still moves around a lot.  He does this more when I am not lying with him.  I guess he is hunting for me in his sleep - ha-ha.  At least he didn't fall off.

I am headed to town (again) for the last of ten dr. appointments so that we can get the required health releases for our home study - which is the only thing we need so that we can move forward with our dossier - yea!!!

Most of my family is sick...Steve even stayed home today, which he almost never has to do.  Corbin's asthma is really kicking in.  We are just barely staying out of the "red".

Today has been one of "those" know, the kind where you feel like you're runnin' but going no where.  I'm thankful that even on days like today, I am surrounded by all my darlin's.  I'd rather do the crazy dance with them then to do it alone!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Creative Moment

Our garage door is really the main entrance to our home.  When we did the garage extension there was a mistake and the cement wasn't brought out in front of the "people" door.  I have always disliked this!!!!  Steve and I took two of our favorite outdoor things to work with...cross ties and and flag stone to make a new entry.

What do you think?

Dirty Little Feet

IMG_2006-e.jpgYes, there where 16 dirty little feet running around Steve and I yesterday while we worked outside.  We have had such nice warm days here and we took advantage of yesterday to do some tearing down and now I'm feeling all creative and heading back out with Steve to do do something....

I'll show you later what it is.

How is your week starting?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where The Wild Things Were

We took advantage of the good weather and free day at the Denver Zoo on Wednesday!  We had such a great time.  

And now, a story about him.....
 ...and her.             
This precious little lady and his husband were trying to see the otters so I moved aside so they could watch the animal fun.  Aiden turned around and saw this sweet old lady and began to laugh and tell her about what the otters were doing.  She begin to laugh at him and say “Ja, ja”.  By now I knew that she didn’t understand a word he was saying, but she was having as much fun as he was.  He kept laughing and turning to her, telling her everything that the otters were doing and next thing I knew she was laughing even more and telling him everything she was seeing - in German!  This didn’t even phase Aiden.  They continued their conversation for quite some time, with her husband looking on and chuckling also.  The fact that they didn’t understand each others language just didn’t seem to matter to either, because, right before my eyes...the two of them...this 4 year old African child and this beautiful older German woman enjoyed the universal connection of smiles and laughter right there in Denver, Colorado.  It was the cutest thing I have seen and may we all continue to learn from our children to embrace the beauty of God’s Creation - the most glorious of all - each other!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update On Jace

Thank you all for your prayers!!! Jace had to have the infection cut out in two different places on his leg.  He is really hurting but prayerfully it will finally heal up now.  They will look at it again in two days.  
I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Jace Has A Bad Staph Infection

Please pray for him....he went to an emergi-care a few days ago.  I’m frustrated because it doesn’t sound like they really took care of the problem.  Now it is very infected and sounds horrible.  He had a dr.’s appointment this morning, but it is so bad now that Karlie is taking him to the hospital.  
I love you all and am so grateful that I can put up a SOS post and know that ya’ll are there.  Thank you!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Would You Put A Serpent Or A Scorpion In This Hand?

Here is a very important scripture for us to remember from one of Jesus’ teachings on prayer....
“What father among you, if his son ask for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; or if he ask for an egg, will give him a scorpion?  If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”  Luke 11:11-13
Seeing this little hand reaching out to us, as mothers and fathers, we would never consider putting something so deadly and hazardous as a serpent or scorpion into it.  Why do we sometimes think that when we go to the LORD in prayer, with our hands reaching to Him, that He will give us something bad?  
So many days, like this morning, I find myself desperate for Him just to get through the next moment of living this adventure that I was created to live.  I find myself anxiously looking in the Bible for “something” to help.  Have you ever felt this way?
And then, hope - FULLY, I pray and ask for His Holy Spirit to powerfully anoint and guide me as I mother our children!  Did you notice in the above Holy Scripture that the Holy Spirit is a GOOD gift that our Heavenly Father longs to give us?!!!
So, let’s reach out our hands to Him, and not be afraid to ask, for our Father wants to fill our hands with the greatest gift of all - HIMSELF.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do You Know....

About the Blog Guide Book?  If you don’t you should visit them!
Here are directions for making your own blog button.
There are some other great “how-to”s and of course a wonderful place to find new friends!

I Know You Love The Orphans...So Please Read This!!!

I’m sitting in my comfy jammies,
holding this little darlin’..

...who is sick with a fever!
He has his little blanket to hold, while his mommy holds him. 
I don’t think we will be up and about much today.

We spent all day yesterday with a Christian artist who took composition pictures that he will use in a series of paintings to be revealed in January at a very important event!!!  One of our local churches is hosting an event to help raise awareness about child trafficking.  We are really praying over this; that people will stop ignoring this horrible crime and begin to get involved is saving children who have been imprisoned in this hell-hole.  
Did you know that child trafficking is one of the FASTEST GROWING CRIMES in the world!!!!!  Trafficking children especially for the sex industry is done because there is A DEMAND.  This should infuriate us a Christ followers.  We can help eliminate this heinous crime by effecting the demand for children. We must help to destroy this source!!!!  By putting the predators behind bars we can stop this demand for children.  Steve and I are passionate about this!!! The most vulnerable are often the unprotected orphans!  Let’s get passionate together and help shine HIS LIGHT into this horrible darkness and bring JUSTICE to these children.  We can’t leave them alone...we must fight for them!!!
Here is the internet address for a group of people who are seriously working to put the bad guys behind the bars....Stop Child Trafficking NOW.  
Please don’t turn your eyes away from this because it is uncomfortable!  This is real, and it is happening in your city.  


Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoying or Enduring?

I sweet reminder - are we enduring as we mother our children, or are we enjoying them?

Remember, our families are a blessing to enjoy, not a hardship to endure....

These thoughts are from Joy’s blog, The Stay-At-Home Missionary.  If you have never visited her blog, you should.  I am often find encouragement on it.   Joy and her family live in Indonesia. 
Here is what she says is the focus for her blog.

1. To encourage women to find their first ministry in the home, as a wife and mother.

2. To encourage women to see themselves as missionaries wherever they are, whether far or near, and to reach out as a family unit to their community.

3. To proclaim to the world that overseas missionaries are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, they're just living in a different place!”

So, go visit Joy, and be encouraged today to ENJOY your family this weekend! 

“Helping Africa” - You Won

Helping Africa, you won the Reckless Faith book give away.  Contact me at
to claim it and give me the address where you would like me to mail it.  Thanks!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Thursday Thoughts

When the children and I were out last week we came right upon two beautiful deers drinking and eating by a quiet pond.  They were not at all disturbed by us, so we watched them for a while and I enjoyed photographing them. 
I decided to place one of my favorite verses on one of the best of the pictures.  Which do you like best?

This one?

Or this one?

I still have to take two children into town this afternoon for their Dr. appointments.  I hope to still choose the winner for the book give away later tonight.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Day Is It??

Oh, I’s Tuesday....I know that because my computer tells me that it is (thank you may be time that you had a name beside “If you touch my computer, I will kill you”- said lovingly to my children).
Sooooo, we are getting the children in for their dr. appointments to get the rest of the required paper work to finish our home study for the dossier for Asher’s adoption.  The dr.’s office (who we LOVE and they work so hard with us), can only get four children in for appointments in a week....2 on Tuesdays, and 2 on Thursdays, so it will taking over 3 weeks to get these appointments finished, plus I need blood work.
I started out my day thinking of all that I was going to accomplish and walked confidently into the lab to get my blood work done before heading over to the dr.’s office for two children’s well child check-ups.  I had 3 wiggly children with me, but knew it wouldn’t take long because Steve told me it wouldn’t (ha-ha, he isn’t here to defend himself).  I entertained my energetic 18 month old Keshawn, who was trying to explore the office, by saying to him “Where is your tummy?” and he would lovingly run back to me, lift up his shirt and show me his tummy.  When that body part got boring for him, I moved on to other body parts (eyes, ears, nose...), till I finally ran out of appropriate parts to be exposed to the office, though by now, we were getting a small audience.  I was thinking I should ask them to throw money to help with the adoption expenses, but that just didn’t seem right.  
My eyes darted to the clock on the wall every 15 minutes, till I finally knew after an hour of waiting and minor and modest amounts of nudist exposure (Keshawn’s, not mine), that we were going to have to leave so that we could make it to our Dr. appointment for two of 10 children.
And this is one of those blood test where you have to fast for 12 hours. Now, a forced fast for blood work is different that a “I  want to fast and pray today” fast, and I know I am totally being a baby now, because it was 11:00 and I didn’t want to keep fasting till after 1:00 p.m. so that I could come back in for blood work and may be wait till I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG to hopefully get the blood work done.  I was imagining a call going out to my husband who is WAY up north...”Mr. Hassoldt, this is the police department...we have your wife and 3 children here...they are fine, but she keeps mumbling something about being hungry, but the child in China is worth it...what should we do with her?”
So, I DRANK....yes, instead of waiting, I decided that I will start over tomorrow with the blood work and new children to “expose”, and I drank every bit of the vitamin water that I had with me, and I did not share it with the 3 children, which was a mistake. Why was it a mistake you may be asking... because one of the little darlin’s couldn’t pee in the dr’s cup for his/her appointment no matter how hard I tried to encourage it to come...darn, I should have let them have a drink too!  And, I bet you can guess, I have to take that little darlin' back with me on Thursday and try to get a pee sample from him/her.  
After the appointment, I rushed home and sat down to catch up on emails, blogs and such, when I decided I would post my Black and White Wednesday picture, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard “It’s only Tuesday Mom.”  
Only Tuesday...
I may be blubbering by Thursday, but, I promise you there will be no nudity!
And on to some more serious topics....
I will be in town most of tomorrow for different dr.’s appointments - dentist for Kiana and Kalyn.  We are having some problems with some teeth, so would you please pray for us.
Also, something really cool happened today; a local artist contacted us about photographing our family for him to use as models for some art that he is painting for a big thing happening in January.  What a privilege and the subject matter if very important to us...
because, who knows what day tomorrow will be...
my Wednesday Black and White photo...
and please leave a comment if you participate in Black and White Wednesday...I would love to see your pictures!!!
Her Moment

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Red Thread Bracelet and A Book Give Away!

Sometimes, a waiting mother just “needs” a little something as she is dreaming of the day her child will be with her. 
Kiana (who was born in China) was given a cute little red thread bracelet when she came home and I decided to look for one for me to wear as I wait and pray for our precious son, Asher Eli.  It didn’t take long to find the perfect thing at - this sterling silver Red Thread Bracelet
I know that there are other waiting families, so I wanted to show you this pretty little thing. 

Also, I have an extra copy of one of my favorite books, Reckless Faith, Let Go And Be Led.  The author, Beth and her husband Todd Guckenberger established a ministry that helps orphans in Mexico. This book is her story about living with faith, with the certainty that God will show up, exactly where and exactly when He’s needed.  Beth calls it reckless faith-a willingness to trust even when you don’t understand.  I really did enjoy this book!!
I thought there might be someone out there who would like to have it, so I am doing a give away.  Leave a comment saying that you would like to enter the book give away and I will choose a name probably Thursday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

3 Little Problems

There were 3 little problems when my new button code was copied and I have fixed that now.
Thank you so much Lori for placing our new button on you blog!!!

I Made My First Button Ever...I Think

Yep, if you look at the left, I just tried to make my first button.  
I think it works...
please let me know if it doesn’t.
We wanted to have a little something for our family and friends to share with others to help spread the word about our new son.  
I will probably change it some, but it’s a start. 

I’m A Mother First

Our days move along like a river; turbulent and challenging, and then slow and quiet.  One minute things seem to be moving along at a nice and restful flow and then without warning I am interrupted with chaotic pandemonium.  
This is especially difficult when we are schooling. Today has already started off with a BANG... broken sink faucet that took over an hour to fix, fights among children while Kalyn and I are trying to take care of the problem, hurt feelings (mine)...
Today brings up why my last Home Education Pillar is very important to me;
I am a mother first.
Home educating is a responsibility I have, just like I am responsible for our meals, and other areas  of our home.  And some days it is so hard to deal with the interruptions.  I like to do our school schedule from 8 - 12 noon.  And I feel really frustrated when this gets messed up.  
Yesterday, one of my darlin’s had an emotional breakdown that pretty much took up 45 minutes of our school schedule.  But what helps me at these times is to remind myself that I AM A MOTHER 1ST.  And I really do love Motherhood!  
And, if I could I would develop this thought a little more, but there are several little interrupting darlin’s that are misbehavin’.  So I need to go mother.
So my last thoughts on this....
Of course you love your children, but make sure that you love your career of motherhood too! 

“It’s not enough to love our children; we must love motherhood!  It is only when we embrace motherhood that we enter into the joy of it and begin to experience the fullness and anointing of motherhood that God intends us to walk in.”  Nancy Campbell
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