Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Today Please!!

Would you please be praying for our adoption right now.  Things I can’t put here, but;
-praying for favor.....
-paperwork approval....
-meeting Ch@ approval....

Funny, just last night, I was awake for a while, which seems to be the normal for me lately.  So I prayed and talked to God.  I was confessing some “poor me” attitudes and negative feelings and just asking the LORD for wisdom and help with some things.  
I began to remember some Bible verses I had just read and here is what I felt HE spoke to me....

I have to get down stairs!  I know this is cruel to not finish this thought,
however, I do want to go ahead a post this part so ya’ll can start PRAYING!
I’ll finish up as soon as I get the children settled with school...


  1. Oh my are you adopting again? I did not know but I am not surprised since you have such a huge heart!!! You are such an example to us all! I am praying about adopting again but from Africa this time. Since losing our baby Jude, I really feel that this is what the Lord wants us to do but I know that I have to wait on his time and when my husband is ready to say, okay. let's go for it!! We are still waiting for the Lord to provide us with a home to live in!!!

    But I shall certainly pray for you and for those crooked places to be made smooth!!

  2. Praying!!! We just recently experienced God's hand moving in a mighty way, & I was blessed to know there were people all over the place praying for the relocation of mountains!

  3. Praying for God to remove all obstacles to bringing your new son home!


  4. Oh I will pray until you tell me to stop!

    Are you not sleeping either??!!? I am getting to sleep at about 2 -3 am. :P and of course my body wakes itself out at 7, regardless of me wanting to try a little later.

    I am glad HE is speaking to you. I pray for wisdom and peace.


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