Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learning African Threading

My little African princesses are so beautiful and since the day that they have come home it has been a priority for me to learn to take care of their hair in the most natural and healthy way possible without destroying our budget.  It nearly killed me when one of my little princesses cut her hair last year!  However, it has come back beautifully and I wanted to try something new that I saw over at Nadine's GirlsLovesYourCurls.  It's called African Threading.  We have a Sally Beauty Supply here, so Steve stopped and bought me some black weaving thread and I was ready to go.  I started with Nadine's detangling and washing video's, and then began on the threading.

First, I love Nadine's YouTubes...she had a great sense of humor and she also explains what she is doing so well.

I also love the African threading because it is quicker and easier than micro-cornrows or box braids, yet I still feel that the girls hair is in a protective style.  I will be using this style more often and I would encourage any mother of a beautiful African daughter to give this a try.

And one more picture, just cuz she is so darn those eyes or what!!!!


  1. I must really do a nice job!! =)

  2. Looks great!

    So many fun styles to try!

  3. WOW! That is really impressive!


  4. Oh wow...that is gorgeous! She looks adorable!

  5. Oh my word, those eyes! She looks like she should be in a magazine. Seriously!

    Love, love, love the hair! I am so happy you are doing this for your girls! It's so important that they use proper products & have easy to manage (and cute) styles, as you well know! :)

    Darling, just darling!

  6. i love love love her hair! so pretty!

  7. Gorgeous! Very impressive!

  8. Her hair is beautiful. The African threading looks lovely.

  9. You did an AMAZING job! And thank you so much for introducing me to that lady on youtube! I just referred her to our entire group of ET adoptive parents out here!

  10. Gorgeous style! And what a beautiful girl she is!


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