Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoying or Enduring?

I sweet reminder - are we enduring as we mother our children, or are we enjoying them?

Remember, our families are a blessing to enjoy, not a hardship to endure....

These thoughts are from Joy’s blog, The Stay-At-Home Missionary.  If you have never visited her blog, you should.  I am often find encouragement on it.   Joy and her family live in Indonesia. 
Here is what she says is the focus for her blog.

1. To encourage women to find their first ministry in the home, as a wife and mother.

2. To encourage women to see themselves as missionaries wherever they are, whether far or near, and to reach out as a family unit to their community.

3. To proclaim to the world that overseas missionaries are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, they're just living in a different place!”

So, go visit Joy, and be encouraged today to ENJOY your family this weekend! 


  1. Thanks, I needed that reminder today!

  2. Enjoyed mine at the pumpkin patch today!

    Enjoying the older girls tonight at Brandon Heath concert!

    Enjoying a photo shoot with my oldest tomorrow!

    Enjoying Sunday family worship!

    Love you!
    Praying for you sweet friend!

  3. great reminder...I think I will print that out and stick it on my fridge

  4. Happy to say that I am enjoying these little critters of mine!! (we just went to the zoo today- so today they are critters!)

    Every morning I need to pray that it will be enjoyment and not just enduring - can't do this journey without God.

    I'll head over to your friends blog- this may be one I have missed.

  5. Love this!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. This was a good reminder for me. Thanks for sharing.

    I tried to find the original post over at TSAHM but I wasn't able to locate it. Could you share the direct link?

  7. Sorry guys, here is the direct link to the post
    Thanks for letting me know Shannon!!

  8. HI there!! I am your newest follower from the blog hop. I think it's an old link so I'm extremely late but here none the less:) Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    YOu have a beautiful family. I commend you:)


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