Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I love my children...I really do...
having said that, I am going to be a little real...because in the "blog world", I think it is sometimes helpful to encourage each other with the "realness" of raising our children. Regardless of the size of our families, I'm sure most of us have those moments.
I feel that the mission of motherhood is above all others. But, missions aren't always glamorous and full of adventure.
So, here is a real moment from this day. I have 4 children under 5 years of age...the boys tease the girls and the girls tattle tale on everyone in the family. Our day started out with screaming and tattling. Several children spent a great part of their day in "time in" beside me...or, to be honest, when my nerves couldn't take it, they have to go to another part of the house to continue their fussing. Now, I know that I am really getting personal here, and questions could arise about my parenting style...so I'll post on that another day. Let's just assume that I was disciplining, and some times little ones still screamed and threw fits. My point, the noise (not happy noise) starts to get to me.
Finally, nap time and some quietness. Breath!
But, nap time does end and two of the little ones decided to start where they LEFT OFF with their screaming fits. Discipline and training following ... I should be getting supper ready, but I have now been interrupted by a dozen childhood problems. Steve doesn't come home tonight because it is his night to minister, so I'm on my own. One child spends over an hour crying in his room because I poured the tea in a sippy cup instead of a big boy cup. Another is in what I call "eternal timeout" (that means I have had it...and you get out of your timeout when I AM HAPPY AGAIN). ONE HOUR later, I still don't have the noodles in the water and I'm thinking "forget supper, let's go to bed!" But, I do finally get supper ready only to again fight the one that started this day off bad single handedly. More discipline, cold food, another child fussing that she/he doesn't like supper (what's not to like about chicken and fettucine noodles?) Teasing, fighting, playing at the table while I am trying to deal with another problem...and I am thinking the only logical answer ...
"I am OUT NUMBERED and they know it!!!!"
So I have shared the above picture of Aiden crying because,
I don't want to show you a picture of me crying!
I feel better now! Thank you for listening.
On a happy note, I received more pictures of our sweet Keshawn in Ethiopia and it was a precious reminder of "why" I do what I do...they are worth it...just some days, the motherhood job pushes the best of us!
Garett just showed me a robot that he made that is called a "labor saving device"...I'm hiring it tomorrow, no matter what it costs!


  1. Hi, Shonni!

    I've actually been following your blog for quite awhile...I had to comment on this post! I LOVE IT!!! I so appreciate your "realness" b/c I think as we blog (I'm still a rookie), it's so important that we don't get to looking like a "Christmas commercial" to other people b/c, in reality, it doesn't happen that way. I hate the thought of making people feel like I have this perfect world thing going on & they are falling short. Thank goodness God gives us balance with those beautiful moments & a sense of humor to get through the rest!

    Be Blessed with a Good Night Sleep ~ Dardi

  2. Oh Shonni - do I know this post inside and out - backwards and forwards and upside down!

    We are going through an interesting season with our three youngest and the training doesn't seem to end until they are sound asleep. AHHHH! Quiet and Mom can think.

    Now that it is quiet - I'm tired from the long day of training so this Mommy is off to bed!

    Sending hugs and a heaping of grace for you tonight. Don't be hard on yourself - He isn't!

    One thing I do when the day seems to begin and end the same - I remind myself this too shall pass. And tomorrow is another day for everyone to rely on Him vs. ourselves to love in truth all day. It really helps!

    We also make the youngest three hug when they really want to fight or not share. Ok, time for another hug and prayer. And it does help even for a few minutes. I'll take the peace - in any amount God will give me!


  3. Ok, friend. I now love you more than I ever have before! Knowing that you have days just like mine is great comfort to me!! Whew. I can't tell you how relieved I am. But I only have ONE little one...so I'm not sure how your nerves survive. But you are right...despite those bad days, the good ones outweigh them by far. :)

    Oh and I'm convinced that when we step out in faith to adopt again...the enemy steps up his prowl, seeking whom he can devour...right in OUR living rooms. Poo poo on him. :) We press on.

    I'll pray that tomorrow is a much better day for you!

  4. Love your post!! I posted a picture of Elijah screaming recently. I am about to do one about potty training...been taking some fun pictures of it all....

    Your day today is the kind of day when I call my sweet friend and say, "want to 'wun away?"

    Love to you!

  5. You are tooooo funny, friend. Oh my word. I read and had these visuals of exactly what your day looked like playing before my eyes. I got the giggles. Sorry :) I wish your day was easier. But, I know EXACTLY how it goes--and I only have 5. Sometimes we just have THOSE DARN DAYS! I know it's all worth it and the calling is amazing--but that absolutely does not mean it's easy.

    I love you--and your honesty :)

    I know tomorrow will be easier.

  6. Our daughter and granddaughter live with us and my granddaughter over the last three months has turned into the world's biggest and best WHINER!!
    I swear the girl is crying 13 outta the 14 hours she's awake, and I gotta tell you...Nanny has definitely reached whiner overload and the gauntlet was thrown down last night, lol. We had a great day today! It's amazing what a little consistent discipline will do to change a child's attitude. Of course, I'm only dealing with one child and you...well, you can pick up your halo anytime! lol

  7. I hear you girl! Yesterday my husband asked me, "do larger families have all this noise", "what do they do?". We have five kids under the age of 7. The girls were in emotional chaos yesterday and everything was dramatic and loud. The boys are just always loud. Well, yesterday the boys thought it fun to make the girls more dramatic and loud by bothering them constantly.

    Yes Lori, Satan loves to attack when we are in the center of God's plan. We began another adoption a few months ago and I can't believe all the tatics Satan has used to try to discourage us. Praise God we have JESUS!!!!!


  8. Oh my goodness! I only have 2 under 5 yrs and I can SO relate!! I took a pick of my E other day with that very same face... because I too wasn't really into taking a pic of my own face. You are an amazing mom, praying that your next day was filled with quiet and no tantrums. Blessings

  9. Can I put in an order for that robot, please? You have more children than I do, but I know what you're talking about. I just told my husband that by noon, I'm ready for them to take a nap, and by dinner, I'm ready for them to go to bed...but I guess they have to eat. And don't think you have to explain your discipline to anyone...your the mom and you know what's best for your family!! Now...where's that robot??

  10. I'm sorry.... I just have to laugh because I have days like that and I only have two of my babies home so far!
    You are doing a wonderful job!
    Just sometimes we Moms have meltdowns too! Then it's back to work. hehee

  11. It goes in phases too , hu? Then once I have one kid under control, they secretly pass the torch to the next.

    Hang in there. Thanks for being honest and transparent!

    Love you, Shauna

  12. Well, I don't know what you are all talking about--I NEVER have days like that. hehehe

    Thanks so much for being honest, and for loving those little kiddos, even when it's tough!

    Many blessings and prayers,

  13. Today ... was one of those days for me. By 9:00 I had 2 kids sent to their rooms to play by themselves until lunch.

    After lunch, all 6 of the 7-13 crowd had a 2 hour "quiet time" where they could read or sleep ... no other options.

    Tonight might just bring an early bedtime to them all.

    mama of 13

  14. OMW.....I sooooo get this post....with a 5, 4 and 3 year old....we have our days....I don't know how you do it! ;)

  15. Been there, alot this summer. Makes me thankful for school starting. :) Somedays just aren't any fun. But as they say "Joy comes with the morning"... Or at least until all the kids are awake. LOL

    I love "real" posts. Too easy to see everyone elses family through "rose colored glasses" at times.


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