Saturday, August 1, 2009

Know What Sounds Good????

A hot tub. Did you think that I was going to say green beans?
We canned these beauties today, and I could use a hot tub for my various aches ... especially from my injuries when I fell last week.
We don't have a hot tub. My parents do.
But they live in Texas. Don't worry. I'm sure that I'll be OK. (ha-ha)
Every summer, the children look forward to the Saturday that we can beans. They love to sit outside and snap them up for me to cook. And we enjoy them all winter.
Steve and I will be up late tonight as the last batch finishes, but it is so worth it. So are the peaches that we put up. I'll show yummy pictures of those later. Off to finish those beans and take Advil.


  1. oh yum!
    I am so sorry you are still aching... Praying you have relief quick.

  2. Those look absolutely delicious!

    Praying that your aches disappear quickly!

  3. How fun! We did the same thing when I was growing up--my grandparents ran and owned a huge fruit and vegetable farm! Now my kids get do this almost daily, cutting up our fresh market veggies (and from our own garden too). Yesterday, my husband said that our oldest was meant to grow up on a farm :-) Training our kiddos to be hard workers.

  4. The beans look wonderful. That is so great that you do some canning. It sure helps with the grocery bill during the winter. And tastes good too.

    I still enjoy my mom & dad's canned goods. They can more than they need which benefits three families (them, my sis & BIL, & us). It is so nice to get those canned goods all year long.

    Take care of those aches & pains. My mom was canning the other day and she's having back surgery in two days. She's dedicated.

    Bye for now,


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