Friday, August 28, 2009


Thank you all for your comments about the play silks. Jill, thank you for your great suggestions for popular colors. Steve and I decided last night that this would be a helpful thing to raise money to bring Keshawn home. And with his court date on Oct. 19th, we don't have much time.
As Angel mentioned, they would also make great Christmas gifts.

Jill said that at her house "They are great for everything - blankets for babies, hats, pretending they are old bible characters, Kings, Queens, Peasants, you name it and they can find a creative way to play with these."

Melodie mentioned that she would wear them as scarves.
The girls were doing that yesterday and it was so pretty in the fluffy African hair.

Laurel asked where to buy the silk. I bought them at Dharma Traading Co.
The scarf size is 33 X 35, which is the size that I will be making to sell.
I will also be offering a "tent" size 55 X 108.

Laurel also asked what all do the children use them for. Besides what Jill wrote, they use them for capes (so I will sell boy boys love them!), pretend play of all sorts, to "keep warm" at nap seems everyday, I see the scarves used for different things.

By the way, I was really laughing at the clean stove comments. My dad can tell you that a clean kitchen is a "biggie" with me! LOL

So, I will list colors later (basic red, blue, green, pink, purple, etc.), or, if you would like a color, let me know. I will be using the professional dyes, (unless, you are really attached to Kool-aid - LOL). I still need to try a tri-colored one and will let you know later about those. The cost will be,
35 x 35 size - $9.00
55 x 108 tent size - $35.00
We haven't figured out S & H, so that price isn't included.
So, let the orders pour in. Ha-ha.
No, really, thank you all, and please let me know if you would like to order some. Also please share this with friends and family who might like to help us bring our little guy home!


  1. Yeah, so I decided to clean my stove this A.M. Turns out mine is white, too!

  2. Yeah - I'm so excited you are going to make them.

    What happens when you wash them? Does the kool-aid wash out? Do the colors remain as vibrant?

    Once you figure out all the details let me know - and I will be SHARING this on my blog to help bring your precious little miracle boy home!

    Love and hugs,

  3. My kids have always LOVED play silks. We found them on Dharma a few years back, but ours are starting to wear from LOTS of use. Looking forward to hearing the details about your fundraiser.


  4. I have 4 kiddo's our youngest is adopted. All of my baby's had a fovorite silky and this sounds like a great idea for babys as well! They always are touching things with there hands and it is great for there sensories!
    PS you have a Beautiful Family,
    Large and What Beautiful Colors!!!!
    God has great taste is beauty for his Children!
    Kim from KC, MO.

  5. Shonni-
    I would like to order 4 silks 35x35- 2 of them pink, one purple and one red. Email me when you need my address or need more info or if you have questions! I think our 4 daughters would love to play with these!

    Thank you!


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