Friday, August 7, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park-me time

Since Steve had to work in Greeley this week, I spent four of those days with him while Kalyn blessed us by watching the children for us. I spent most of my time working on our new school year, however, I couldn't resist visiting one of my favorite places in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, which was just up the road.
So, my "baby" and I set out early. In case you haven't been around long enough to know, this particular "baby" is a white Ford Bronco. I LOVE Broncos and this is our 3rd one. They just feel so familiar and comfortable to me and they are AMAZING in the mountains.
Armed with an amazing camera, I set out to enjoy my day alone. The clouds this day were so beautiful, the sky a deep blue and a bazillion people were also taking in the wonders of this "heaven on earth" park. Just in case you are wondering...none of these photos have been Photoshopped. These are straight out of the camera. God doesn't need Photoshop!
Well, they say that photos can become boring without people in them, but I had no people to prop with. So, I used what I had....
My Bronco and I...enjoying the glorious clouds....

My shoes and I played in this cool Colorado river...

My sunglasses and I found this pretty little brook...

My water bottle and I were excited to be getting to the top...

I found this very up and very down trail that took me to this
really beautiful, quiet, secluded spot. I was there completely by myself, which surprised me since there where so many people every where else I had stopped.
My knees and I enjoyed the sight of the clouds above, the sounds of the brook beside, and the complete rest in the LORD's glorious creation.

After a good rest in the quiet Pooh like meadow, my "baby" and I were on our way again, continuing our climb to the top.

Really, is there anything prettier than this? I love Colorado! It nurtures my soul like...well, like good food nurtures the body.
At the top finally, my purse and I enjoyed the "top of the world" view and more clouds!

An interesting encounter for the Bronco and I...we (I know the Bronco isn't human, but I had not one else), saw all these motorcycles (between 150 - 200) at the top and then again at one of our other stops. They were the bikers for Jesus. It was so cool hearing them sing, without instruments, songs of worship to the LORD. They were shouting their love for Jesus and God to the whole world!

And my keys and I ended the day with this one last look before heading back to my husband, where I probably needed some people time.
So, I wanted you all to know that I was thinking of you this day and wanted to share the beauty of this place I love. I hope I didn't bore you!


  1. Beautiful Pics!! Is this your "lost" camera that you were using or do you have another "amazing camera"? I do hope you were able to finally get your hard worked for camera!! Hope things are well, miss talking with you - your words of wisdom, your questions, your "accent" and your fellowship. Blessings,

    your "little brother"

  2. Loved it Shonni... I was missing Colorado today (110 degree heat index)... I could almost actually feel the coolness of the air... especially loved the cloud shot!!! Thanks for sharing our Creator with us in a special way!!

  3. Oh I loved this post Shonni!

    Oh how I long to see these sights for myself!

    It sounds like one of the most perfect days!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Ah, how refreshing! Wish I could be there to see all this beauty, but having you share it with us is the next best thing. Beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful day you had! I love that you had the pretty meadow all to yourself.

  6. You CRACK me up!!! :-):-):-) great photos of you and your stuff enjoying the mountains. BEAUTIFUL!! :-) I especially loved the Ugandan purse!!!
    Robin :-)

  7. Wow, my friend, what absolutely stunning pics. So glad you had some time alone with the Father--how precious. I bet you're glad to be back with your angels though :)

  8. Love your pics! My favorites are the brook, the trail and the secluded spot!! I think it is so cool that the bikers are "Bikers for Jesus"! I bet that was awesome to see them praising our Lord!!

  9. What a beautiful family you have...also love, love the title of your blog. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a wonderful comment. Will check back soon.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! It amazing how perfect His creation is. I'm so glad you're still able to get out and EXPLORE! Wooo-hooo, good for YOU! :o) I love your top of the world purse picture. Beautiful!!!

  11. Beautiful. The colors are exquisite, the sky amazing.

    I love the woods, though I am not sure that I would go and venture into them alone. You are a brave girl Shonni.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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