Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better and Peaches

Thank you so much for all the cute and sweet comments on my post from yesterday. Ya'll are so funny, cute and thoughtful. I love you all!
The children were much better today and I even had time to work on our favorite winter desert. Peach with LOTS of yummy sugar syrup! MMMMMM

When the Colorado peaches are ready I buy several boxes and beat the children away from them. I let them sit for a few days till the skin is soft enough to pull off easily.Oh, so perfect....
Cut them up (8 cups worth), mix with a cup of sugar and 2 T spoons of Fruitfresh, seal and freeze.

And because I was in the mood, I even made two easy Country Peach Tarts. They freeze so easily, though I am sure that we will eat them before I need to freeze them.I "forced" the children to play outside while I finished up these peaches. They rewarded this (the four youngest) by playing in the mud hole down the road. My solution...stay outside till daddy gets home.
He just walked in...and I am a firm believer in sharing the fun! That's OK, after a long day at work he finds it refreshing to "get his hands dirty". Works for us!


  1. Those peaches look so good! I think I can smell the tart through the computer. Yummy!

  2. LOL! You are too funny!

    Lexi was sitting here with me drooling over your peach creations!

    Hugs and love - Jill
    Praising God for men who like to get their hands dirty!!!!!

  3. Oh I'm glad you posted this. There is a huge peach orchard down the road from us and I was wanting to get some to freeze but wasn't sure how to do it. Yay! Thanks!

  4. man... that was just yummmmm

  5. I just got our interent up and running again--sure wish I could say the same thing about myself :-( Robin and the gilrs arrived yesterday. We have not had a whole lot of time to catch up due to the wonder of jet leg, haha! and I am still not feeling well....I loved your last few posts. Sorry for the hard day but thanks for your openess--I completely understand. And yes, I am always seeking and asking the Lord to reveal to me my children's gifts/talents so that I can help to encourage them along in what the Lord has. Love and miss you. Mama in Uganda.

  6. Those tarts look absolutely wonderful!! I just have to say that you have a very beautiful family. Thank you for checking out my blog on the blog hop. I will be back visting yours!


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