Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Kalyn-Family Time

Family Time Up In The Mountains

We have been having an awesome time up in the mountains. Enjoying the warm sunny days and exploring new trials and finding new places to enjoy. We have been going up to Mueller state park and hiking the trails up there. We have done two of them so far and they both were amazing. Everything is green and pretty and the colors are so alive and bright and deep! It is sooooo beautiful!!!

Isn't Kiana cute!!

We went up there last Saturday and had a picnic and then a BBQ. After lunch we just hung around the picnic table for a while and the kids ran around playing and daddy was wrestling with them and playing with them. Mamma was having fun taking pictures of every one and the beauty of the mountains we live in.

There is a kidy trail that has all this fun stuff on it for kids. We went there twice once just mom and me and the other time we took daddy there and showed it to him. It is this cute pond with all this interesting information around it and they have this sand box that you jump in. The point is to see how far you can jump and which animal you can jump as far as. They have pictures of the animals on the side and you can match yourself to them. (I can jump as far as a coyote with a running start!)

They'd run around the pond and have races around it. It is so much fun!

There are Sunflowers every where and Aiden picked a few for mamma.

Isn't this view amazing!!!!


  1. WOW! It's really beautiful!! You didn't send the email again.... :-)

  2. WOW! That is some amazing scenery! Isn't God grand!

  3. How absolutely stunning, sweet girl. We love it there. Gorgeous pics.


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