Monday, August 31, 2009

Otro dia, otra aventura

Otro dia, otra aventura...translations: "Another day, another adventure." I like this!
What a day...started early with two in the dentist office for a total of 5
cavities. And we have several appointments next week for more cavities. I find time and time again that my children who did not have a healthy diet before they came home seem to have more teeth problems. We are blessed by a dentist office that helps us in any way they can to fix all these little teeth.
Then, I was blessed to meet with a friend that we have known for many years at our park "out east". Amy and her husband have adopted 6 children, and they welcomed home a new little "home-grown" baby boy 6 months ago. What fun to watch all of her little ones growing under the love of a father and mother. One of her little ones has had such a hard start in life...almost close to death before he came home...please pray for complete healing for this little man from Liberia (Amy, I hope you don't mind that I just wrote that???) Sorry, I didn't get good pictures...I was busy catching up with Amy, and then the weather quickly turned bad.

I found out quickly that Alia is going to be a great mother's helper when Keshawn comes home...and Amy gracely tried to explain "mommy's milk" to Alia, who kept looking for a bottle to feed the baby (thank you Amy!)
Also, this precious family blessed us with money to help bring Keshawn home! I called my parents to tell them this good news...and they said, "isn't God amazing to provide through our bothers and sisters!"
Thank you, Tracy family, for helping us once again, to bring home a little one!
Thank you all for your prayers and support of friendship as we bring home little Keshawn. We received another video of him today...and what can I say...


  1. Yayee--how wonderful that God is providing for your sweet angel to come home.
    Love the pics, sweet friend. So glad you had such a precious time with your friend.
    Goodness--another video? That is amazing!

    Love you heaps.

  2. I can't wait to "meet" your new baby when he gets home. As for the dentist, our new son is going in a couple weeks and he needs a LOT of dental work. I've never seen rotting teeth before this...poor little guy.

  3. Shonni,

    Send me an email because I want to donate some of my things for you sell and raise money to bring your little guy home.

    I was thinking 1 nursing shawl, 20 bows and 3 headscarves. That should be around $100. You could direct people to my site and have them tell me your name and I will make sure you get the $, or I could send it all to you and you could have a silent auction or something like that. Just a few ideas


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