Monday, June 23, 2014


How are ya’ll doing? 
     We are finally on our summer break from school, and I was especially ready for that this year. Spring flew right by and now Summer is here in the Colorado Rockies, which means I am typing with a sweater on because it is only 61 degrees here today. Ha.

     I am hoping to catch up with with many things in the next few weeks; including this blog. 
     Jace and Karlie were here a few days ago. It was so nice to have them here!
     We had our first camping trip of the summer. I always love the time to get away as a family and just breathe and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.
     The children are at soccer camp each morning this week. That means that I am getting to enjoy some VERY unusual quietness in the house. 
     I broke my arm in early March and had an MRI last week to see if there are some other problems that might still be causing the pain in my wrist.
     Our little ranch has grown and I will update more at that soon. My alpacas were sheared and I am looking so forward to spinning some soon!
Before and after of Natashia. Alpacas are so funny looking right after they have been sheared!

     I feel so behind on so many things. The picture on this blog page are all several years old, but I just don’t have the time right now to update them. Life goes on though, and I don’t want to stress over the little things. 
     Almost time to pick up the children from camp. 
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