Friday, May 31, 2013

Guess What Comes Home Tomorrow?

 But first, more pictures from the lake... We have never seen an owl before, but this time we saw two, including a great horned owl.

 One of the coolest things that we sas was a bat cave - it was a maternity ward cave.  It is in a very remote part of the hill country of Texas and we were so close to the opening.
 Here we are waiting for that special moment right before sunset when the bats come out to go feed.  It was amazing to hear the fluttering of their wings and hear the sounds that they make.
 The lady caught one for us to see up close - WOW, what a neat experience.

 Fun with big brother Jace. 
 Swimming each afternoon was always looked forward to.

 Fun in the boats and loving from Karlie.

 My brother, Kim, always enjoys the children.
 Jace shows off...

 Look at that Texas Longhorn.

So, have you guessed what comes home tomorrow?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gone For A Time

 I've been away for a while.  Steve and I really felt that it would be good and fun if the children and I went to our favorite lake place ... Kingsland, Texas.  This is my pop and granny's home.  My parents have it now since my grandparents have passed away.  It is like another home to me.  I have spent so much time in this little trailer.

 While Steve did a lot of work on the home front, the children and I enjoyed some fun school time;

 and play time with our Texas family - yes, that's my brother, Kim running a touch down with Keshawn as his ball....LOL.

 Jace and Karlie got to come for a while, and it was so wonderful to see them.  I already miss them!!

Of course, what is a lake with out a boat, and thanks to Dandy, Gommy, Kim and Karla, we had some great boat play time.  That is a dog to the left of this picture.  He is precious and belongs to my nephew, Scott.  

 No words needed for this.

 Bible time in the trailer.

 A spring scavenger hunt.

 Hiking while it was 97 degrees, and the children all said "We knew that sooner or later you would take us hiking."  What can I say, I love to explore.

 Karla got to spend a few extra days with us!  It was so wonderful to have her with us.

We were gone almost three weeks and it was such a perfect time of rest and reconnection with my children.  We swam every day, even the cool, cloudy days (hey, we're from Colorado).  Steve got a lot done at home.  And it is good to be home, but I am thankful for the break that we had!
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