Friday, May 31, 2013

Guess What Comes Home Tomorrow?

 But first, more pictures from the lake... We have never seen an owl before, but this time we saw two, including a great horned owl.

 One of the coolest things that we sas was a bat cave - it was a maternity ward cave.  It is in a very remote part of the hill country of Texas and we were so close to the opening.
 Here we are waiting for that special moment right before sunset when the bats come out to go feed.  It was amazing to hear the fluttering of their wings and hear the sounds that they make.
 The lady caught one for us to see up close - WOW, what a neat experience.

 Fun with big brother Jace. 
 Swimming each afternoon was always looked forward to.

 Fun in the boats and loving from Karlie.

 My brother, Kim, always enjoys the children.
 Jace shows off...

 Look at that Texas Longhorn.

So, have you guessed what comes home tomorrow?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shonnie! I love these photos. Your children are so beautiful and you, my friend are Blessed! Looks like a fun time was had and many memories were made that will last a lifetime.
    Thanks for sharing! God Bless you All! ~ Jo


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