Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lots of Pictures-cuz I love pictures

We had such a wonderful weekend camping in the glorious Colorado Mountains.
We found a beautiful place that was perfect and beautiful!

There was a river right beside our camping spot that the children had so much fun in.

Kalyn fell in the mud 1st thing out. But with her normal good humor, she laughed and slowly eased down into the freezing snow-melted waters to rinse off.

While Steve rested and played with the little ones, Kalyn, Caresse, Kiana and I headed out to four-wheel in the Bronco. This was the first time I have got to four-wheel for 10 years. When I first moved to Colorado, I had a 4x4 truck and loved to get up into the mountains when ever I could. Then when Steve and I married we bought our 1st Bronco and 4 wheeling was one of our favorite things to do. As our family grew we had to get larger cars that couldn't 4x4. I have so missed it. So you can see why I teasingly call the Bronco my "baby".
And guess what we found!
YES, RIVERS TO DRIVE THROUGH...NOT ONE, BUT TWO! I know, you probably think I'm crazy, but I love to drive through rivers.

We also found an old mine. Kalyn thought she had died and gone to heaven! She loves that kind of stuff (so do I!!)

We took Steve and the other children to the old mine the next day, and we drove further up the road and had a picnic at over 12,000 feet...It was amazing.
Of course there were fires, and games, and

and more river playing! No, Caresse isn't being baptized, remember...COLORADO COLD river's a little hard to put your whole body in all at once. And I had to show you how stinkin' strong Aiden really is crazy.

Our last day turned out perfect. The weather turned cooler and there was a soft rain all day. We were planning to go to a near by hot springs. After changing a flat tire on the trailer we headed to this beautiful spot. If you have never enjoyed hot springs on a cool, drizzly day, must try it sometime.

There are pockets of hot water down by the river too. I really do love this place. Doesn't it look fun!

As we were leaving, the clouds began to part, and settle down on the mountains...of course, I had to pull over and take one last picture.
I can't wait to go back. There is always so much that is beautiful to see and enjoy and getting to do it with my family is the greatest thing of all!

(Whew! This was a hard post...I am still trying to figure out Flickr and erased all my pictures by accident! What a mess! So hopefully this works and I can triumphantly say I am learning - though by trial and error and with several screaming children in the background, I AM LEARNING.)


  1. Beautiful!!! Makes a person jealous! Looking forward to our long weekend away with all the kids that are still living at home. Fun times!!
    Delight in Him

  2. There is NOTHING more gorgeous than God's creation!

    Top it off with God's creation enjoying His creation - well that is just a slice of heaven here on earth!

    Awesome photos!

    Love and blessings,

  3. lovely...
    my children would so love hot springs...

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We're heading up to the Winter Park area over labor day.

    Beautiful pictures.


  5. I love your sense of adventure! What part of CO were you in? My husband and I worked at Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting in Buena Vista for a couple of summers. I look forward to when my crew is a little older so we can go out there and raft, hike and go to the hot springs:)

  6. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! And SO BEAUTIFUL! Amy

  7. Oh my--you HAVE to tell me where that is! So stunning.

    But what I really want to know is....did you have a potty :):):)


    Oh Aiden--"the kid with the muscles" is what he is affectionately known as around here :)

  8. What fun! I LOVE the big canvas tent ... and the mom & daughter 4-wheelin' ... too cool!

    I, too, am quite the adventurer. I went 4-wheelin' without a 4x4. I took my little Ford Focus station wagon up a mountain in Montana to show one of my teen boys and a friend a ghost town I had been to 25 years before. The 4x4 pickup driver behind me was amazed that I made it up the mountain. :)

    Can't wait for my Road Trip through Colorado next month. Woo hoo!

    mama of 13

  9. WOW!! What fun!!! And what amazing pictures.

    Colorado most certainly is a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like. I can't wait!!!

    Hey, I have a question for you (regarding this post), would you email me??


  10. That looks like so much fun!! I love all your pics!! They are beautiful! What a great family time!

    I also love old places- that are abandoned- I am so intrigued with them? Who used to be there, why did they leave, when did they leave? I want to know all of the history and details! I bet it was fascinating! Did they leave anything behind?? Any treasures!!


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