Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Challenge

Amy has written some wonderful articles about a "Pass it Forward Adoption Fund" - for someone elses adoption.
Steve read several of the things that she has written also.
Below is her challenge...
"The month of September (we are not starting now because we are using up our groceries) our family is committing to eating beans and rice every night for dinner to save on our grocery bill so that we can put what we saved off our grocery bill in our pickle jar for someone else’s adoption. Are we going to get sick of beans and rice? You better believe it. Will it be fun? Um, NO. But children living on the streets would be thankful for beans and rice- so who are we to sit down to steak and potatoes when we could be giving it up to GIVE MORE? Our kids also wanted to be a part of this- and what an great way to teach them to give of themselves for someone else. Can you image what God will be able to do through them one day when they 'get' this?

So my challenge is for you to ask yourself-How bad do you want make a difference? What are you willing to give up to GET a child home?
You CAN do it.


It’s not a question of 'can we?'- it’s a question of will we?"

After Steve read her post, he and I felt that this was something that we really wanted to do with our family also. Saving on our budget with a simplified menu for a month is a "doable" thing for us. Besides the beans and rice, we are also simplifying on other things that we might normally buy.
Steve and I also see this as an amazing teaching opportunity for our give up what we want to help someone else; to realize that we can live simply and die to some of our selfish desires; to gain a better understanding for how others live in different parts of the world; and to become more thankful with what we are blessed with...
I'm sure that it is going to be hard, for all of part of me knows that this isn't something that "I want to do". Another part of me realizes the opportunity to humble myself before the LORD, and let Him teach me somethings also.
So, for the month of September, I will journal some of the things we are learning, as well as some of the ups and downs that are sure to come.
May the LORD be glorified....
Landon, has an ear infection, and I find my thoughts "scattered". I feel that my writing is dull and that I'm having a hard time "saying" what is in my heart.
So, I'm off to make some garlic oil for Landon's ear.


  1. Praising God for the stirring of hearts Shonni!

    I love watching God move mountains as He trains us to see things the way He does!

    Hugs and love - I have plenty of yummy rice and bean recipes when you are ready! Ask Amy I shared a few with her too!

    Our God is an awesome GOD!

  2. Sounds like we picked the right month for a Bloggy Friend Road Trip. We get to go from house to house, eating rice and beans every night.

    Jill needs to post those rice and bean recipes on her blog.

    :) :) :)

  3. Saw the idea on her blog too. We eat beans and rice lots and lots...its the only way we can financially make it. Infact one day we were invited somewhere for steak and the kids said, "what's steak?" We rarely eat meat too.

    I dohave a wonderful lentil casserole that all the kids LOVE...I think beans, rice and lentils...just cause we love that casserole so much!

  4. PS One of the best things I found for ear infections was Peroxide...couple drops down the ear....hold it there...and then gargle with some as well. I do not do typical medicine AT ALL...we try very hard to just use home remedies.

  5. Oh dear---I pray Landon feels better soon, dear friend. How yukky that he is feeling bad.

    Thanks for stirring my heart to do MORE!

  6. I'll definitley be thinking about this for October.

  7. Hehe! I have to laugh because for us rice is expensive so we are trying to find other Ugandan foods that help us cut down on our food budget. It is all relative :-) The Lord will bless you for doing without. And may He change those taste buds when you think you can not stand another bight of beans and rice!

  8. bight? nice spelling huh! It is the end of the day, that is my excuse.

  9. Okay girl- we can do this together! I too will be writing about what I am learning through this. I fully admit I am not excited about the plain diet- and yet at the same time not having to think up what to cook each night will have it's advantages! :0) Mostly though, I am excited to see how God opens our eyes to how truly blessed we are. SO PROUD of you and your beautiful family!!! Amy

  10. Sorry that Landon is not feeling well- ear aches are miserable. Hope he is feeling better soon!

    I am amazed at you and your strength! You are an awesome mom and an incredible example to all! You, your beautiful family and your blog are a blessing to me!

  11. So awesome that you are doing the challenge that Amy suggested.

    Oh...I was looking at your photos and thought, 'wow, they have a lot of kids!' I counted and then though, "Oh. Same as me." LOL!!


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