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From Kalyn-Book Review

Lamplighter Books

The Giant Killer

‘A knight lay stretched on the mossy ground; his head reclined on a shield, his two-handed sword girt to his side- even in sleep his hand rested on the hilt. This was the brave champion Fides, the chosen knight to whom had been given mighty treasures and a golden crown my the King whom he has served from his childhood. But he was not yet to enter into possession of his riches, he was not yet to wear his bright crown; hard labors, great dangers were before him-he was to fight before he might enjoy. So Fides was to pass alone through the enemy’s land, to slay every giant who should oppose him on the way. His Kind had provided him with strong armor, and with a wondrous sword which gave certain victory if he who drew it shrank not back like a coward, or yielded to the foe like a traitor; he had, in truth, nothing to fear but his own slackness in fight; if but faithful he must be triumphant. ‘ (The Giant Killer-Giant Sloth)

One of my favorite places to buy books from is Lamplighter's. They have books for all ages, whether it be a small child or an adult you will find joy in reading these books. Lamplighter restores old books and puts them back on the market. Each book is filled with morals of life and God. Some are deep and thought proving like the Printer at Udell's; others are love stories like Prisoners of the Sea, and there are a dozen others! Each book has pearls of wisdom hidden in its pages. From a young girl learning through hardship and pain that Gods house of Love is everywhere to young boys learning what it takes to be a true knight in the world of today. I could go on and on about how good these books are. They are safe clean books that the whole family can enjoy!

‘They are teaching you to know yourself, my Bertha. They are not causing the selfishness in your soul; they are a only tearing away the veil which prevented you from knowing that it was there. A gilt object may appear as well as a gold one until it is tried in the fire; it is the furnace of temptation which proves of what metal we are made. A lake looks clear and pure while perfectly still: the oar which stirs up the sand from below is not the cause of the sand being there; it lay in the depths before, like evil in the depths of our hearts.’ (The Giant Killer-Giant Selfishness)

One of my favorite books is called The Giant Killer. It is for young children but hey I'm 16 and I still enjoy reading it. It is about over coming the giants that threaten to destroy us and how one family and two young boys will find how difficult but also how rewarding it is to follow Gods path.

‘“O Experience,” he said, as he laid his hand on the Will, “how can this instrument, once used by pride, be ever an acceptable offering to my King?”

Experience took from a small casket a phial labeled “Submission,” which contained a colorless fluid. He poured a few drops upon the dark heavy metal, then rubbed the staff with a rough hairy cloth, and wherever the liquid had toughed, there was a spot of bright glittering gold!

“This rough cloth is Discipline,” said the old man; “with patience, through its rubbing thou shalt see all the value of the Will when restored to its rightful owner.”

“Yet can I not offer to the King that whist is crooked and bent! It bears too evident tokens of having been in the service of Pride!” And as Fides spoke, he tried and tried again with all his might to straighten the massive staff, but the tough metal resisted all his efforts!

“The Will is crooked indeed, but it may be straightened,” said Experience; “we have other ways of working. My furnace of Affliction is near.” So saying, before Fides had time to reply, he plunged the staff into the red glowing fire.

“Give it back!” exclaimed the knight with impatience; “any way, any way but this.”

“No way but this,” said the old man firmly, keeping back the hand that would have snatched it from the fire. “See how the gold is brightening, see how the metal is softening in the furnace. Submit the Will to what is needful to make it perfect, a precious offering, acceptable and pure.”

So saying, Experience drew it from the furnace of affliction, and laid it on the anvil of Trial. He struck it with his heavy iron hammer, but was interrupted by Fides.

“No more-thou wilt destroy it; no more-it is enough!”

“Not yet,” replied the old man, and struck it again.

“Stay thy hand!” exclaimed Fides; “it can bear no more.”

“Yet a little patience,” cried Experience, and struck it again. Then the Will was restored to Fides-straight, pure, beautified; oh, how unlike that staff which had been so deadly in the grasp of Pride!’ (The Giant Killer-Giant Pride)

I encourage homeschool mothers or any mothers to look into these books. They have become favorites in my house. I hope you enjoy reading them and learning from them just as much as we have.


  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. Kalyn,

    I can't wait to share this with Lexi.

    The two of you would get along great! Have you checked out her blog?

    Shonni - I'm beyond jealous to hear you met Katie! Oh how that girl inspires me and touches my heart!

    I can't wait to meet you one day too!



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