Thursday, July 23, 2009

God's Instructions For Healthy Relationships-two

We just got back home. My baby girl drove us home from the Safeway with her new drivers I sure don't feel old enough to have a 19 year old son off on his own in Texas, and a 16 year daughter who is driving!
Thank you for the sweet comments and prayers for my accidents. I think I may have a cracked well as several painful bruises. Oh well, it certainly is making me "slow-down"-LOL.
On to God's How-to for healthy relationships...
My goodness, Kimmie and Jessie left AMAZING comments. You should go back to see what they wrote! (Don't worry Jessie, you don't have to get it right!LOL)
This is just what the LORD showed me...
I was reading a book, A Woman's Walk with God, by Elizabeth G
eorge. Using a portion of scripture that I'm sure most of us are very familiar with, Galatians 5:22 - "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control" - she writes about the first three that "love, joy and peace are godly attitudes that enable us to handle the difficult circumstances of life."
She then writes "Patience, kindness, and goodness help us in our relationships with people."
So, I began to restudy patience in the Bible and began to walk this out a little better with the children. Of course it wasn't long before I began to see how I wasn't applying patience in other relationships (I know, kind of "duh!"). I was thinking how many times I (we) buy so many books to help us "do better". A few months back, I personally made a decision to take my problems to the Bible and trust that the LORD would show me what to do. Nothing wrong with books or anything...I think that I just started relying on them
to much.
Some of the verses I went to were: (please look them up if you want...I don't have enough time to write them all out, because I am practicing patience right now with 3 little darlin's-LOL)
Colossians 3:12-17 reminds me to put on a heart of patience
Ephesians 4:1-2 reminds me to walk with patience
II Timothy 2:24 reminds me to be patient in enduring
Prov. 19:11 reminds me to be SLOW to anger
Above all the moment do what Jesus did in 1 Peter 2:23 "(he) kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges justly."
And with my children, I need to remember this is my work train them in God's ways, to teach, correct, lead.
So, then, Romans 2:7-8 caught my attention..." those who by patience in well-doing...but for those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth..." (I just wrote that part that was teaching me.)
For me, I had to ask myself if I AM NOT being patient in "well-doing"; my work, roles, situations, mothering, and other relationships; then am I being "self-seeking"?
So back to the "practical first step to getting along with people"?
I Corinthians 12:4 "LOVE IS PATIENT..."
As I mother my children, I must remember that part of a healthy "Christ-Centered Attachment" (thank you Transformed...) in our relationship is for me to show my love to them with patience!
I can't stand to not share a picture....yes, Garett is soundly asleep!


  1. thank you so much for sharing. I will have to re-read and study:)
    I think us mommy's, particularly those of us who homeschool and are with our blessings 24-7 have to feed ourselves the word concerning love, patience etc very regularly to keep us strong in our spirits and reaady to apply it.

  2. Aww, I love that sweet. Sorry about your accident, I have been slacking in the blog reading department lately, I hope you start feeling better soon.

    I think I could use some more patience, it has been trying the last two weeks.

  3. Shonni - thanks for sharing His truths!

    It is always a good reminder to cling to when we are starting to show us vs. HIM!

    Patience is such an act of love! AMEN!

    Hugs and healing prayers going up!

  4. lol, I just wrote a post about patience this week as well. Your's is better. ;o) God is obviously trying to teach me something. Glad I found your blog.
    I too have a 19 yr old son out in the world, and a almost 16 yr old daughter with her permit... crazy. God is sure good to take care of it all.

  5. I have missed you....Our internet expired and life just kept going!


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