Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday

I am so grateful to Linny for teaching me to look for the things each day that I am grateful for. Tonight we are getting packed to leave by noon tomorrow for Texas. It isn't always easy to travel with so many, but I am so grateful for this trip.
And for each of you, the cutiest little four year old in sun glasses' that I know...and, OH, please pray for our new little son in Ethiopia, Elam, that he will come home soon and be protected.

Sorry, I am tired and going to bed...
loves to all,


  1. Look at the little stud man in his groovy cool glasses!!

    If y'all happen to come through Texas...and have a day/night of nothing (hah, i am sure y'all are so busy) hollar and i know my family would love to meet yours!!


  2. Your family is beautiful! And your blog is so nicely done. Thanks for sharing. I will keep coming back. How exciting to be adopting another little boy! Praise God!

  3. Have fun in Texas- but I am warning you, it's HOT here!! :0) Amy

  4. I just replied but it did not post- bummer!
    You are so right - we need to remember to be grateful to our Lord- who has provided so much for us.

    You are such an inspiration! You have 10 blessings and soon it will be 11!
    God is so good! I will be asking you "how do you do it?" Soon!! As our family grows from 7 to 9 (God willing).

    Enjoy your time in Texas!!


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