Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I met this sweet family through the wonders of the blog world and then because we live so close, I was able to meet them in person. I feel in love with them and we have enjoyed sharing our passions for the orphans and for the LORD. After bringing home two "special needs" daughters from China, they are now following the LORD to bring home one of His special, most innocent and weak little ones...a down syndrome little girl that they have lovingly named Hailee. Please pray for them and visit their blog to find out more about these precious friends. Their little daughter truly needs our prayers for her to get home quickly and for the finances to be raised soon. Thank you so much

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, friend

    You are so wonderful. I appreciate your love and support more than you will ever know. Really!

    I'm just getting caught up on your vacation. Wow, it sure looks like you all had a blast. What a blessing. I must say though--I have missed you in blog world :)

    Let's get together soon--a BBQ sounds so wonderful.

    Love you,


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