Friday, July 24, 2009

summer babies

I'm working really hard today on some MAJOR organization/cleaning out in the school room, so I just can't think of anything fun to write about. One of those moments went my mind just .... well, doesn't want to...
humm, can't think of what I'm trying to say LOL! See, I better just post a few cute pictures and give you a break from the "mind-tiredez"!

I'm sure your asking what I ask every time I see him sit like this, "HOW does he do that!!!"

I played with the colors on this one to put some fun on the water spray.

And I just have to let you have a peek at our precious new son-Keshawn Lee. Come home soon sweet darlin!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some great encouragement. I have been so blessed to visit with your family via your blog! What a beautiful life, beautiful children, beautiful heart you have !

    I haven't even THOUGHT of the new home school year yet...please write a post with your ideas on organizing, funny and practical. I would love to read it and then jump into action. The children will be home soon, so I have a dead line:) That's when I work best.

  2. Oh wow--those have to be the cutest baby feet :) I can hardly wait to see more!

    Yes--how in the word doe he sit like that ???? My word.

    Thank you for your prayers, friend. What an emotional day.

  3. Oh what a precious baby boy - those toes YUMMY!

    Love the photos you shared today!

    Blessings and praying your newest miracle home into your arms forever!

  4. Beautiful happy children speak wonders of a beautiful mama! :o) I can't wait to "meet" your newest little one. How do you do it Shonni!?! Some days I feel like I'm treading water with 7!


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