Thursday, July 9, 2009


After a long and tiring day, Kalyn and I were looking forward to sitting down for a rest before we needed to get the children down for bed at 8:00. I was putting up somethings in the kitchen while Kalyn was cleaning up the last few dishes.
Quietly behind me, I hear Kalyn say "Mom I need help, this is stuck." It was 7:15; I know because I looked.
I went over to see what in the world was stuck, sighed and sent Kalyn for tools.

Kalyn began working on the problem....
Caresse and I both tried to help a few times....
but we weren't much help and so Kalyn would work on the problem some more....
I was bored with just watching so I grabbed the camera and said "Show me your happy face."
This was the best I got.... (poor baby);
I was still bored and couldn't sit down and rest without her, so I took a few pictures of Alia in the back yard...and came back in to offer my support...
Finally, it came out...a child's cup that had fallen down into the garbage disposal and had gotten good and stuck...
The cup was ruined, poor Kalyn's hands were red and hurting, and it was now 8:00. Yes, my patient and determined daughter worked on that thing for 45 minutes.
We rushed the children up to bed, I said quick prayers, and around 8:30 Kalyn and I stared at each other in a happy stupor of sorts ...OK, the staring stupor part is just to make the story ending fun...we did rest some though before we went to bed.


  1. Oh goodness! Glad her hands didn't get her with her determination!

    Never a dull moment with children!

    Love and blessings,

  2. It is always something isn't.


  3. What a sweet dd you have! Her determination is inspiring!

  4. MAN!! Its a good thing you have Kalyn around!! :-) Love Alia's hair!!! :-)

  5. Kalyn--you are the BEST daughter ever--do you know that??? Seriously.

  6. Your Kalyn reminds me SO much of my Eryn--I have to tell her all the time to remember that she is only 6 1/2 years old. My husband and I laugh that she could run our household alone. Isn't the Lord good in giving us these little gifts. Have a wonderful vacation--I pray that there is a lot of joy and laughter!

  7. God bless you Kayln!! WOW how inspiring is your determination!


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