Friday, July 3, 2009

It Is So Hard To Believe

Isn't this beautiful...
I'm sorry that you aren't here to help us celebrate....
This precious child has a birthday today...she is 16!!!!!
This is how she wanted to start her special day....with her favorite breakfast!
I know all parents out there understand how we feel today...Kalyn is so precious and I am so thankful that the LORD gave her to us. I find it hard to believe that she is 16 already. She has a little claim to "fame".... did you know that Kalyn was the first legal home birth in Colorado? I know that this also tells you a little about me...yes, I was going to have my baby with an "underground" midwife! LOL...lucky for us, the law changed just before I had a beautiful baby girl! I am so thankful for this daughter who is thoughtful, funny, kind, loves to help people, has an very tender and sweet spirit, writes poetry and enjoys the quiet beauty of Gods nature...there are so many other words that describe Kalyn...but above all she is a GIFT from the LORD and I will always be thankful to the LORD that I am her mother!
(if you see your Daddy following you around more - with a rifle- just understand it's a "daddy thing")

We had a wonderful visit from a precious family that serves the LORD in Uganda. Robin and her family came out to our house for lunch and playtime yesterday. It was so wonderful to meet her...what a sweetheart she is and her girls are so fun! Garett and Rahah became great friends, and little Sarah is easy to fall in love with!
Robin and her family will be going back to Uganda soon, but I feel sure that we are only beginning our friendship. I am so grateful to the LORD for all the new friends we are getting to meet, both in person, and through this blog. I love how we can share our passions, thoughts, lives, hard times and good times as well, and how we can pray for each other. Isn't it cool?!
I hope that you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend with your family! I plan to enjoy alot of good food and not feel bad about it till next week!


  1. Happy 16th to your daughter! And lovely photos of you and Robin and the kids! We are blessed indeed by these wonderful "God ordained" friendships. Celebrate the weekend with the truth that it was for freedom that Christ set us free!

  2. Happy Birthday Kayln!

    Oh, I love midwives! I too had a midwife with my babies but due to complications with both I had to deliver in a hospital with a Dr. but he was awesome too.

  3. Happy 16th Birthday to both of you! What a yummy way to start her special day!

    Our hearts are so touched and being pulled towards Africa! We love hearing and meeting others whose hearts are there too and praise God for the blessing of blogs to reach out to each other!

    Your family is such a treasure!

    Happy 4th of July to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Kalyn!!!

    You are a blessing to your mama ... and the rest of your family!

    mama of 13

  5. Lucky girl, what a yummy breakfast. Happy Birthday Kalyn.

  6. Happy Birthday Kalyn. You certainly are a Treasure.

  7. I can't believe I missed that yumminess by ONE DAY!!! :) Happy Birthday Kalyn, you future missionary!!! :-) I had no idea it was today!!!! And Shonni...thanks for not posting that other pic!!! HA! HA!!! My girls and I have such a blast yesterday :-)

  8. ps...........Summer and I agree that Kalyn and Emma are welcome any time!!! COME ON!!! :-)

  9. Happy happy birthday Miss Kalyn!! Sweet sixteen is such a fun year!!

  10. Happy birthday to Kalyn! You should be one proud mama! How neat that you had the first legal homebirth. Wow! I had homebirth with Ethan and it was beautiful. :o) Well Happy 4th of July!

  11. Happy birthday sweet Kalyn. Hope you had a totally blessed birthday. Love the breakfast :)
    May the Father continue to lead and guide you as you serve Him with all your heart. I am so excited that I get to see His amazing plans and purposes for your life unfold. Joy!

    Sending you a huge hug down the mountain :)


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