Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Know You Love The Orphans...So Please Read This!!!

I’m sitting in my comfy jammies,
holding this little darlin’..

...who is sick with a fever!
He has his little blanket to hold, while his mommy holds him. 
I don’t think we will be up and about much today.

We spent all day yesterday with a Christian artist who took composition pictures that he will use in a series of paintings to be revealed in January at a very important event!!!  One of our local churches is hosting an event to help raise awareness about child trafficking.  We are really praying over this; that people will stop ignoring this horrible crime and begin to get involved is saving children who have been imprisoned in this hell-hole.  
Did you know that child trafficking is one of the FASTEST GROWING CRIMES in the world!!!!!  Trafficking children especially for the sex industry is done because there is A DEMAND.  This should infuriate us a Christ followers.  We can help eliminate this heinous crime by effecting the demand for children. We must help to destroy this source!!!!  By putting the predators behind bars we can stop this demand for children.  Steve and I are passionate about this!!! The most vulnerable are often the unprotected orphans!  Let’s get passionate together and help shine HIS LIGHT into this horrible darkness and bring JUSTICE to these children.  We can’t leave them alone...we must fight for them!!!
Here is the internet address for a group of people who are seriously working to put the bad guys behind the bars....Stop Child Trafficking NOW.  
Please don’t turn your eyes away from this because it is uncomfortable!  This is real, and it is happening in your city.  


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  1. We have worked with a wonderful organization LOVE 146 to stop this horrid abuse around the world. You can check it out at


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