Friday, October 22, 2010

Some One Wanted To Run Away Today

I was busy in the kitchen making a dessert for tonight's meal when I heard crying coming from outside where several children were jumping on the trampoline.   One of my little tattle tales came in to proclaim that a sister had hurt Corbin's feelings.  So I brought her in where she wasn't allowed to play till she could change her attitude.  Several minutes later the little tattle tale came back in and told me "Corbin wants to go back to Oklahoma" (that is where he was born).
REALLY, I was thinking, AND WHO PUT THAT IDEA IN HIS HEAD!!  So I brought Corbin in now and took him to a quiet room and said,
"So you want to go to Oklahoma."  He started crying even harder and I ask him why.  He said so that "people" (siblings) wouldn’t be mean to him and hurt his feelings.
By now I was chuckling on the inside and decided to explore his line of thinking.  So I asked him who he was going to stay with.  He  looked at me and said “You”.
Chuckling out loud now I asked if we were both running away to Oklahoma and he said yes.
I told him we would miss everyone else here, and how about he just tell me when a sibling hurts his feelings and I will take care of it.  And besides I had a yummy dessert for supper tonight and we would miss it also.  He smiled all big and said O.K., told the offender that he forgave her and ran off to play.
I'm so glad that I don't have to go to Oklahoma would really mess up my plans and I can think of other places I would rather run away to...ummm, like Hawaii!!!


  1. It is so good you have your children close by when these teaching moments come along!!

  2. I got a chuckle out of that. Too funny

  3. He he he! That is too cute! Glad he decided to stay put and not miss out on dessert!

    Love you!

  4. What beautiful wisdom the Lord gave you! Doesn't the Proverbs 31 woman have the law of wisdom and kindness on her lips? Great encouragement and example to other moms!

  5. Pretty cute! Maybe you could talk Corbin into running away to Hawaii instead!

  6. I am love this post. You blessed my life this morning........I needed it........thank you! I will be back! your sweet little pumpkins......children are thankful the Lord thought of them!!!!

  7. ha! Well, don't knock Oklahoma too badly. It isn't that bad of a place to live, and as you know we can grow some really sweet things in our state. ;-) But it is best to run away with the WHOLE family. lol


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