Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Day Is It??

Oh, I know...it’s Tuesday....I know that because my computer tells me that it is (thank you computer...it may be time that you had a name beside “If you touch my computer, I will kill you”- said lovingly to my children).
Sooooo, we are getting the children in for their dr. appointments to get the rest of the required paper work to finish our home study for the dossier for Asher’s adoption.  The dr.’s office (who we LOVE and they work so hard with us), can only get four children in for appointments in a week....2 on Tuesdays, and 2 on Thursdays, so it will taking over 3 weeks to get these appointments finished, plus I need blood work.
I started out my day thinking of all that I was going to accomplish and walked confidently into the lab to get my blood work done before heading over to the dr.’s office for two children’s well child check-ups.  I had 3 wiggly children with me, but knew it wouldn’t take long because Steve told me it wouldn’t (ha-ha, he isn’t here to defend himself).  I entertained my energetic 18 month old Keshawn, who was trying to explore the office, by saying to him “Where is your tummy?” and he would lovingly run back to me, lift up his shirt and show me his tummy.  When that body part got boring for him, I moved on to other body parts (eyes, ears, nose...), till I finally ran out of appropriate parts to be exposed to the office, though by now, we were getting a small audience.  I was thinking I should ask them to throw money to help with the adoption expenses, but that just didn’t seem right.  
My eyes darted to the clock on the wall every 15 minutes, till I finally knew after an hour of waiting and minor and modest amounts of nudist exposure (Keshawn’s, not mine), that we were going to have to leave so that we could make it to our Dr. appointment for two of 10 children.
And this is one of those blood test where you have to fast for 12 hours. Now, a forced fast for blood work is different that a “I  want to fast and pray today” fast, and I know I am totally being a baby now, because it was 11:00 and I didn’t want to keep fasting till after 1:00 p.m. so that I could come back in for blood work and may be wait till I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG to hopefully get the blood work done.  I was imagining a call going out to my husband who is WAY up north...”Mr. Hassoldt, this is the police department...we have your wife and 3 children here...they are fine, but she keeps mumbling something about being hungry, but the child in China is worth it...what should we do with her?”
So, I DRANK....yes, instead of waiting, I decided that I will start over tomorrow with the blood work and new children to “expose”, and I drank every bit of the vitamin water that I had with me, and I did not share it with the 3 children, which was a mistake. Why was it a mistake you may be asking... because one of the little darlin’s couldn’t pee in the dr’s cup for his/her appointment no matter how hard I tried to encourage it to come...darn, I should have let them have a drink too!  And, I bet you can guess, I have to take that little darlin' back with me on Thursday and try to get a pee sample from him/her.  
After the appointment, I rushed home and sat down to catch up on emails, blogs and such, when I decided I would post my Black and White Wednesday picture, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard “It’s only Tuesday Mom.”  
Only Tuesday...
I may be blubbering by Thursday, but, I promise you there will be no nudity!
And on to some more serious topics....
I will be in town most of tomorrow for different dr.’s appointments - dentist for Kiana and Kalyn.  We are having some problems with some teeth, so would you please pray for us.
Also, something really cool happened today; a local artist contacted us about photographing our family for him to use as models for some art that he is painting for a big thing happening in January.  What a privilege and the subject matter if very important to us...
because, who knows what day tomorrow will be...
my Wednesday Black and White photo...
and please leave a comment if you participate in Black and White Wednesday...I would love to see your pictures!!!
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  1. You are precious! Praying you through these dr appts! Hugs and much love! What a precious photo you captured!

    Hang in there Momma he is worth it ;-)

  2. We are working on our dossier, too! Whew! I couldn't agree more regarding the Dr appts and fasting. When I can't eat is when I want to eat the most!!

    You should have charged for your cute little show with Keshawn! Ya woulda made a bundle!!

  3. Funny! Mama said there would be days like this! ;0)

    Wow! I would NOT look forward to going to the dr. 2x a week for over 3 weeks. But you are right; a child in China is worth it!

  4. Don't you just love those Dr. office that will only take 2 kids at a time? Oh my!

    After a couple years of showing our responsibility (by never missing an appt. and never being late), both our dentist and our eye doctor began to allow us to make 3 or 4 appts. per day for several days in a row. Yea! It used to take us MONTHS to get through our eye dr. appts. with 1 or 2 per week. Then ... the following year we would have to go in the same order of appts., because our insurance will only pay for the appt. if it has been over 12 mo. since the last appt. (NOT 11 mo. and 28 days).

    This year ... we don't have any insurance. So ... no doctors appt.s ... no dentist appts. ... no eye dr. appts. So sweet it is! It would be nice to have insurance, but I certainly didn't miss making all of those annual appts.

    Sorry your day was so crazy! I have to get bloodwork done this week, as well. Thankfully, the lab is across the street from our house. (But ... no insurance for this bloodwork or the accompanying office visit. Yikes!)


    Laurel :)

  5. Your post is both exhausting & funny at the same time...I am in the midst of a HS update & just turned in 9 medicals. It's wild!! And, btw, your picture is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful photo! And you know, I had no idea we were so close in the paper chase. Who knows, our paths could cross in GZ...

  7. Oh no - I wouldn't have been able to function if I ever had to fast that long. Hope the next time you get in quickly!
    Lovely photos & it was nice to get a glimpse of your day!
    Have a great week

  8. Very frustrating! Can I encourage you to not fast if it's routine bloodwork? I had a doctor recently tell me that they have discovered that fasting makes very little difference but the labs haven't stopped "requiring" it. So go ahead and eat. I did the last time and my numbers were almost identical to the year before. Seems I always ended up with afternoon appts and was totally faint when they drew my blood!

  9. I can understand days like that, though it has been a while for us.

    Interestingly we have never had a doctor or a dentist say they would not do more than 2 appointments at a time. Seems crazy to me, since they are getting paid for their time!

    It will all be worth it in the end.

    Love the picture!


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