Monday, September 23, 2013


all so much for your encouragement and recommendations as we seek to help Clive.  I am so grateful for your comments and just to know that you are there as we walk this path with our precious one!!!!
We had my niece and her husband, Tiffany and Ben, stay with us tonight on their way from Texas to Organ where they will be training with YWAM mission school.   We are so proud of them.  
It is getting cold here in Colorado.  Snow was on the peak this morning.  It is really early for this, so we are mentally preparing for a REAL Colorado winter.  
We were able to take a few pictures after church this last weekend.  I liked this one of my sweet girls with me.
 I like this one too...such silly ones;
 I like this one, 
 and this one;
 and boys have to wrestle in-between shoots...
but they can get it together when mommy says, "Smile"!  (or else).
Ha, we moms do what we have to, don't we.


  1. OH! The pictures are so beautiful! I love them all!

  2. I adore your family and the pictures are precious! Praying for your journey with Clive and to make it through another CO winter! xoxox

  3. You have such a beautiful family, God bless!!


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