Thursday, September 26, 2013

She Watches

me cut  Kalyn and Caresse's hair and this time asks if I will give her a "cool" hair cut.  
I'm not sure what she wants, bangs? No. Layers, may be? Not sure...
So I tell her to go wash her hair and I pray that the LORD will give me some inspiration...
for heaven's sake, I only cut hair to save money, I have never been trained in all the "cool" things.  
And I know that she really loves her long hair,
so what to do.
I hope it is O.K.  You talented hairdressers out there - if you see something wrong, please tell me so I can fix it...
I was so nervous as I cut 7 - 9 inches off in some areas - 
how could I not, for crying out loud; she is blessed with that crazy, awesome Asian hair that grows inches each month, and was past her bottom when I began our "cool" hair cut session today. 
I have always just cut her hair straight on the bottom;
not today though.  I was going to do my best to give her something different without having a heart attack that I was cutting this beautiful black mass that most women would literally kill for.

 I tried to round it around her face and down like an oval instead of the normal straight cut. She likes it, and I got a big hug and a "thanks, Mom".  So I guess it's O.K.


  1. Great job Mama! What a gorgeous girl!

  2. Wow! You did great! She looks beautiful. Great hair too!

  3. Kiana has gorgeous hair and you did a great job! I love the natural highlights in it from the sun!

  4. Wow....what an awesome family you have! I just read your story on Rainbow Kids. We are an older couple with some grown kids, some almost grown kids, and a newly adopted 7 year old boy. We are also working on one more...a special needs adoption of a little girl in China. She is beautiful!!
    We started out adopting our little boy who is originally from the Congo but was in an interrupted adoption. We love him to pieces!
    Can you tell you were able to do this financially? I am putting my faith in God...and today I am making jelly to sell as a fundraiser...but I'm beginning to worry!!
    Blessings to you all!

  5. She could make any hairstyle look cool! :)


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