Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Good Tips For A Hard Week

You want to know my two most favorite tips for a hard week?
Well, I’ll tell you,

On Tuesday I took Kiana and Garett to the eye doctor because they seem to be having problems reading; as in, unable to do school work at all now.  The good news was that their eyes are just fine!  Which left me wondering as I headed home, “What’s wrong then?"
I have been really working and researching the last few months to determine if and who of the children might have learning problems.  I have mentioned Dianne Craft if past posts and am looking into her information because we just found out that Corbin is dyslexic. 
As I was driving home I had several questions?

Why has Kiana been reading for years, although with great difficulty, and then all of a sudden “can’t read”?  Why can’t Garett see the letters in a book?  Why does he rub his eyes and yawn when he reads?  It’s like watching gears that are rusting and grinding to a halt when I watch either of them trying to do their school work. 
As I was trying to come up with a new teaching plan for the children yesterday, I decided to do the Eye/Hand Dominance Check from Dianne Craft’s book, Brain Integration Therapy.  I knew that Corbin was “mix dominant” and now I was suspecting that Kiana and Garett might be.  Sure enough, both of them, and Corbin, are left eye dominant, and right handed.  A “mixed dominant” like this can create a great deal of stress and frustration for a child.  
I am grateful to know “what is wrong” and will now be focusing on Kiana, Garett, and Corbin with some specific “brain training” over the next year.  This should help them overcome these learning blocks.

I have found so much helpful information through Dianne Craft, and so much help for my children.  As is common in adopted children, there are learning difficulties with several of our children, and I always feel that I can get good support through her.
Today, I took Aiden to Denver for his occupational therapy appointment.  Long day, and no answers yet...we meet with a doctor next week and hopefully will get an auditory test done.  It will still be several weeks before we know anything about his sensory needs and what they can offer us.
what are my two good tips for a hard week?
1).  Go to lunch at your favorite restaurant with your husband!
2).  Come home and take a nap with your babies!!!
Yep, that’s it.  It is what I did today, and I feel much better already.


  1. Great tips!

    Our son, Adam, is "mixed dominant, as well. The only thing that it really affected was writing, which was painfully slow for him. We used the methods in Dianne Craft's manual and it really helped him. He's still not the quickest writer, but he is much, much better.

  2. That'a great you found some answers! Please share how things go as you can. It seems there is SO much we can do at home- but it requires sorting through lots of information to find the RIGHT things for each child- and being committed to following through on the ideas to help them. It's SO encouraging to read what others are doing to help their children in these ways!!! Blessings, Jennifer


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