Monday, April 2, 2012

A Small Window!!!

 We had a small window of time in the stomach flu, as I would find out later.  So we packed up a picnic and went to a favorite nearby canyon to enjoy some unseasonably warm Colorado weather.  This was also a small window of warmth, as we are under a winter storm advisor today ... ha - love it.
 A gloriously hot day, in one of my favorite places, with some of my favorite people was just what the doctor ordered for this mamma who has been in the house for over a week nursing her sick family.
 And the fun was just beginning.  We hiked down to the river.  I laughed inside, knowing that soon those wet feet would turn into wet legs, and then wet tummies and probably more.  You know, you just gotta live the fun to the fullest, even if you don’t have your swim suits.  
 Kiana always thinks her momma is a little silly, but who can’t laugh at a little silliness.  
 Even this little sweetie got into the fun.
 Then the splashing begin....
 ...and who doesn’t want a daddy to play with.
 Our three puppies worked hard to stay with us.  Bluez cannot stand it when I start exploring without him!  Rider, below, just got as close as his five month old legs could take him, found a warm place to rest, and waited till the next time he had to move.
 Then I got this great fun idea to go UP the waterfall.  Some wetness was going to happen now.  WHAT FUN IT WAS.  Crawling up rocks, and exploring under rocks as we followed the water.  
 Helping each other and laughing a lot.  That’s what family is.  Noelani and Clive were a little afraid, and also laughing and yelling with delight.  They were real troopers for their first ever outdoor adventure.  And obviously we didn’t take it easy on them.  As we were hiking up Clive would cling to a hand, Noelani would squeal that is was so “high”.  What till I get them up to the real mountains!  
 This little face says it all.
 It’s a little tiring getting 10 children and three puppies UP a water fall, but boy, was it worth it.  
 Coming back, we were just about to get on the trail.  The three puppies were waiting for me to lift them down, and one of the little darlings got impatient and jumped on me as I was getting down from a rock.  I fell down, scrapping my leg as I went.  But I caught the dog, and he didn’t even get a scratch.  LOL, oh well, there is usually a price to pay for fun, and it was still worth every bit of it.  
Some time after supper, Landon, who had not had the stomach flu, began to get sick.  By bed time, he was in full blown misery, and Steve and I were up with a sick little darling.  Now, that’s what I call good timing.  
Thank you LORD for our fun day together!


  1. that does look like such a fun day! sorry about the sickness :(

  2. ok- you MUST share where this was---- looks like a blast!!!!!!!!

  3. I am new to your blog. You have a beautiful family and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. After such a fun day, let the winter weather come! Those memories will keep you warm!

  5. That is what I call FAMILY FUN TIME!!! We LOVE the outdoors!!!!! :)

  6. Looks like so much fun!!! Glad you got that respite in between bugs!

  7. What a fantastic day! It is so nice to stop by and see so many pics of your lovely family, Shonni.

  8. It is a good thing you'd already shaved! One for the picture and two to give that leg some time to heal. Ouch! I so wish I could walk by your family all sitting around the picnic table in a park. I would probably squeal with joy. You guys are everything I hope to be. I asked a few posts back but I didn't hear from you so I'll ask again...
    I wanted to know about the name change for Noelani and Clive. How did the transition go? We're adopting a little girl who is going to be almost 6 when we get her home. I hope to use her 1st name as her middle name, maintain her nickname and give her a new 1st name. Any tips?


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