Monday, September 24, 2012

The BIG Post from Alaska - Finally

 Well, weeks ago I promised to show you one of the biggest things that we saw in Alaska.   Is the tail a dead give away?  Yep, we were blessed to see a hump back whale!  The pictures do no justice to the “WOW” factor of seeing this amazing animal in it normal home.  
But that wasn’t THE biggest.  
Before, I get to the biggest though, I will show you some runner ups.  Here is the biggest fish I had ever caught (till a few days later) ... my 1st ever Halibut.  

 This was by far the largest star fish I have ever seen; caught in the crab pots.
You got to have BIG crabs too.

 And here is a very big catch of Halibut and Silver Salmon.

 Yep, my foot next to a BIG fish.

And then we saw several Killer Whales... 

 ...and one of them swam this close to our boat and then swam right under our boat.  WOW!!  Big excitement!

Of course, we saw the BIG brown bears of Alaska.  That was cool.  (More later on them)

And, you might not know this, but I love my husband, BIG TIME.

 There was more BIG beauty than I have ever seen!!

And then there is my little brother and my true sister (in-law)...gosh, I love them BIG!

YET, the biggest thing that I saw all week was by far the love that my parents have for each other and for their family.

And, though I don’t have to go to Alaska to see it, I will ALWAYS be grateful to them for taking us on this trip of a life time...
a trip that I will never forget.  The land of Alaska was truly beautiful and amazing beyond words;
but it was most special of all because of the people I shared the memories with.  


  1. Who kept the kids?! Wow! What a treat!!! Good for you!

  2. Loooooove this post! :-) So fun and wonderful to see all the wildlife -- and to see your parents kissing and loving each other and you. Happy for your trip!!!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!! So awesome!! God is so creative!!

  4. Wow! What an awesome trip!! The memories and love will last a lifetime!!

    Thank you for sharing!!


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