Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alaska - AMAZING

 Alaska - WOW!  I couldn’t believe that we were going to Alaska.  My parents blessed us and Kim and Karla when they asked us to come play with them in Alaska.  This has always been on my “bucket” list of top five places that I really wanted to see.  
 We took a boat ride from Kodiak to our home for the week, Raspberry Island Wilderness Lodge.  

 And I do mean wilderness!  I felt like I was in heaven.  No roads, no cars, no stores or other houses.  

 Just beautiful, wild and rugged Alaskan beaches!
 See the cross in the rock?  Love it.

 The next morning we got up early and headed out to a river for some Salmon fishing.  Aren’t these pictures AMAZING?

 It was so fun seeing the sea otters playing as we drove by.  They would just look at us as we passed.

 And look at these huge hooks that we would use later to deep sea fish for Halibut.

 You know one of the funnest things?  Just being together, laughing, playing, helping each other.
 Of course, it was pretty darn fun pulling huge ol’ Salmon up on the beach for the first time, getting tired as I pulled up my first Halibut from over 350 feet, and checking the crab pots.  
There’s more I want to share, but I have to run now.  But until then, guess what we saw the next day?  (Think BIG).


  1. Wow! What fun! Truly Blessed!

    Who watched the kids for the week? How did the new kids do, with you both being gone? Hope things at home went well.


  2. LOVE THIS!!!! Totally on my bucket list as well!!!!!! Of course we now live in FL? Oh well....someday! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! How can anyone see this and not believe in God?? I just can't imagine.

  3. I am so glad you got to take this trip! How awesome for all of you!!!

  4. wow-- alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!! definitely on my bucket list as well!!!


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