Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little bit about me, Kalyn.

What a blessing to live in this family!!! I am the second oldest in a family of ten, I have two biological siblings, an older brother who is now out of the house, and then a younger sister. I have seven other siblings through adoption; the first adoption we did we went to China and got an amazing little girl, then Korea for a handsome little man, then another little boy form Vietnam; we then did a domestic adoption from Tulsa, OK, another adorable little boy home on Christmas day. We have gone to Liberia, W. Africa the past three times, bringing home two beautiful little girls, and the most energetic two year old I have ever seen!!!
I cannot imagine life without one of these little blessings in my life, each one is precious to me. Being in a adopting family is a great blessing to me because I love to travel and this gives me an opportunity to see and explore the world. I have been on several mission trips and am looking forward to my next one were ever God takes me.
I cannot say enough about what God has done for me and my family!
My mom and I are having so much fun setting this up together, it took us over an hour to figure this out but it was filled with laughter and fun!!
I hope that my family and I can encourage and share our experiences with you!



  1. Shonni-

    It would be an HONOR to have you continue to view our blog ... I need your e-mail though to allow you access :)

    What a BEAUTIFUL family you have!!!

  2. Maria, thank you!
    Our email is
    Blessings also,

  3. Kayln,
    Wow! You are a beautiful young lady. Your post was music for my heart today. I mostly hear from the moms in large families and always wonder the heart and thoughts of the family members! How wonderful to hear the love in your voice for all of your siblings!

    God bless!


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