Monday, August 22, 2011


As most of you know, we are needing beds for the children.  Our biggest bed for the boys broke, and with adding two more children, well, we ended up needing at least 5 new beds.
And I can say tonight that we are the proud owners of 5 bunk beds.  One we already had.
This little beauty was a gift from a new family friend.  Isn’t it nice!!!!
We were still needing another bunk bed for this room and two for the girls room.  Here is where the EXPERIENCE comes in.  We had a little extra $ as a gift from our precious family, and all the used beds that we could find were costing as much new beds from IKEA.  Do ya’ll know about this store?????  One just opened up in Denver two weeks ago.  So Steve and I ventured north today to see if we could get 3 bunk beds that we could afford.  Now, if you have not been to IKEA, well, it really is something totally different than just a large warehouse kind of store.  One lady next to me said it was like “Epcot” on steroids for the shopping experience.  I have to agree with her.  Now, I don’t like crazy crowds, however, today was worth it.  And the prices are RIDICULOUS.  Like WONDERFULLY RIDICULOUS.  The end result of this crazy adventure is that we did get our three bunk beds.  One of them we still need to stain, but we put the girls beds up tonight. We still need four mattresses, but we are one step closer.  Here are the pictures of two girls beds in their new home...

First I did a little wall touch up, will Steve and the children put the beds together.

I love the feel of this room now.  There are only two things missing (not including the mattresses) that I still need to do.

I would like to find some kind of fabric to cover this closet. 

I put this wall decal in the boys room.  And I knew that I needed another one when Kiana told me that she wants a “tatoo” for her room. Ha-ha.  I bought the wall decal at Fruitful Vine Creations.
“Thank you LORD for providing what we need!!!"


  1. Wow that first bunk bed is glorious! What a nice friend!

  2. Gorgeous bunkbed and gift (blessing) from your friends! Love that you were able to find the perfect bunkbeds for your children. Praying for the mattresses as well!

    Much love,

  3. I LOVE Ikea! We have that same bunk bed in one of the girls room now. I would like to get at least one more to put in their room like you have shown in the picture. The wooden bunk bed give to you is beautiful, too. Can't wait until you can bring your treasures home. :)

  4. Hi Shonni
    That first bed looks amazing & I'm so glad you had fun at Ikea. We had an Ikea up in Brisbane (before we moved to the farm) & it was fun to spend a whole day there - I got some fantastic bargains! I love those wall "tattoos" - LOL - something I want to get for our walls when we finally paint!
    Hope you are going well & have a wonderful week

  5. awesome! We are doing this too. Adding three new kids soon and we need three sets of bunks and will be hitting IKEA too. We got a whole boys room set up last year(three twin beds, nighttables and lamps!) for just under 300.00

  6. We LOVE Ikea. So glad you can now get some great deals on furniture, too.


  7. Ikea has some awesome, inexpensive full length curtains. I bought some and a shower rod to cover a similar type area.

  8. I LURVE the boys bunk beds! Goodness those are awesome!!


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