Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I’m Just Not Ready

I am NOT ready for summer time to end.  I hope it sticks around for a while.  Different, and good things, have kept us so busy this summer and I have missed summer outdoor lounging with my children.  Kalyn took these cute pictures one day while I had to be in town.
I’m asking God for a little extra “summer”, knowing that here in the Rockies September normally brings cooler weather.  
On the other hand, September brings me one stop closer to Noelani and Clive...Yes, “Clive” is Asher.  We had the opportunity to ask the children through a message if they wanted new names.  Noelani said yes, but Asher asked to keep the American name that the orphanage had give to him.  So, if he chooses, we will give him the name Clive Charles.  Clive is a great name and I like it, so it’s all good with me.  What a journey!!!
Happy Summer to you sweet family and friends!


  1. Those photos are sooo cute!! The best big sister ever! And wow!!! They are getting sooo big!!! Come join us for more "summer" weather :) We can't seem to shake it! :) Praying Noelani and Clive get home quickly!

  2. You are mother of the year and Kaylin is daughter of the year!

    The kids look like they are having so much fun!

    Hoping summer stays around a bit longer in your neck of the woods!

  3. Oh sweet friend how I understand what you are saying! Praying your summer lasts a little longer and your sweet babies are home in your arms SOON! Much love!

  4. Love these pictures, but what I really want to know is how the little one in the diaper still looks so clean! :) My little guy can find a puddle one tenth this size and look like a mud zombie the second his little toe touches it.

    How were you able to ask the children about their names? I don't know, yet, if it is too late in the paperwork for our little girl if she doesn't like the name we chose, but I have wondered frequently if she'll like it ("Aubrey"). We haven't heard, yet, if she is excited about being adopted, or frightened or sad or whatever else might be in the mix. Sounds like you have had more direct communication with yours?

  5. I am so with you not wanting summer to end. Please, God...let it last a little longer. :)


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