Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Many....

...handsome boys can you put in a SMALL baby pool? Well, last count, we had my brother - Kim, my oldest son - Jace, and Corbin, Garett, and possibly Aiden was hiding in the back - not sure though.  We had a wonderful time in Texas.  Two days of travel is always worth the time to be with our family and friends.  The children and I  returned home safely this afternoon.  And though, I would love to write more, I must got sign a TON of paperwork for our LOA so that I can get my babies home!!!!  So, goodnight, and thank you all for sharing our journey with us! 


  1. glad to hear y'all made it home safely!! Can't wait for you to be holding your babies!!

  2. hahahaha the clown car of pools!!(you know the how many clowns fit in this tiny car trick?)

  3. Glad you are home :) Love your pics!!!

    OH AND FUN PAPERWORK!!!!!!!!!!! Makes you smile when you know your kiddos get to come home because of it :)


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