Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshot-Remembering When

Birthdays are such a celebration...and a remembrance...
of a year of growth, accomplishments, learning and seeing the LORD leading, guiding and teaching us.
For a mother, birthdays are an especially precious time in the moments of our lives as we contemplate the amazing privilege that God has given to us to minister to our little darlin’s.  
Alia turned 7 and it is amazing to me the journey she has walked from scared little toddler to the happy, shining little package of music and love that she is.  I am so thankful to the LORD that He chose me to mother her.

And this little darling turned 18 last month. EIGHTEEN years old - wow.  She has grown into one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Her name means purity, and nothing sums up this little beauty more than that!  Again, I thank the LORD for giving me this child, for the honor to be her mother, and for the journey that we will yet walk together.

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Sunday Snapshot


  1. What a Beautiful post...Birthdays are such a joy...we have been celebrating all summer with Birthday's and each one brings a different joy and thankfulness to the Lord...
    Have a blessed week

  2. Gorgeous photos! Happy Birthday and celebrations!!!! Hugs and love - Jill

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet words today on my blog It means so much to be. I just visited you site! what a beautiful family you have! I cant wait to go back and catch up on your journey!

  4. what beautiful babies you have....thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Happy birthday to your precious girl.
    Shonni you look gorgeous in that last photo!

  6. Happy birthday to two of your beautiful girls!!


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