Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Steve-day 1

 Hi...we are already missing you.  We saw dozens of trains today.  The children lost count!

 Caresse’s picnic lunch worked wonderfully.  We ate at a hot little road side place in Texas, but it felt special to have our little picnic together.  We loved it...except a few of us really needed a bathroom, and even the bushes weren’t to big.  

 Boy, is it hot and dry here...there was a very little storm that we drove through, and it was mostly dust!

 Kiana enjoyed a little nap.  Kalyn was awesome...she read over 7 hours to me today to help me stay awake for the long drive.  I got so tired that I kept chewing gum to stay awake...I am thinking I had 8 pieces of gum today...more than I have in a whole year...but hey, it got us to Texas.

It’s hard to tell here, but this is a large dust devil...I counted over 12 HUGE ones in just an hours period.  
The children have done well, but are glad to be here.  It is feeling like a “vacation” now, thought it can’t be a true vacation without you.  I am so tired tonight, but we enjoyed a game a dominoes, after an awesome supper and wonderful dessert.  The baby is needing me to lay down with him, so good night and we will talk to you soon.  We love you and miss you.

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  1. Missing you too. The house too quiet, missing the sounds of love and life. Puttering around a little lost, no kids to take care of, messes to pick up, no tickling or playing, no you to hold in my arms. But ever so glad to know you made it safely (really hate it when I am not there to take care of you)and wishing I was there to enjoy all of the fun.
    Give everyone a hug for me. Love you tons. Me.


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