Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Month Is It?

...August already?  

I have been a little "missing" this summer on our family blog.
Not much has happening really, just living, and taking care of my family.  We have enjoyed canning and freezing a few things.  We have had 4 birthdays, enjoyed a trip to Texas to be with family;

 We brought home our new guardian dog, Atlas; his job it to protect the sheep, and he already has really bounded with them;

 Kalyn turned 20 this year and we enjoyed her birthday in her garden. 
 Time for the grown ups at our favorite winery in Texas!

 Kalyn got her first car - isn't she cute!

Black eyed peas for the freezer.
 "Ryder, your hair is exciting?"

 We couldn't go to the mountains to camp this weekend, so we decided to camp at home.

 We enjoyed "Taca's ala Easy";
 and smores.  

 Our sweet friend Julia joined in the fun.

 Not really sure what Kalyn and Keshawn are doing, but they seem to be relaxed.
And our precious Alis turned 9.  I am always so thankful that the LORD gave this "full of life" daughter to me!
Is your summer going by as fast as it seems mine is?


  1. So good to get caught up with you! It sounds like you are doing all the important things that a Mom should be doing!


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