Thursday, January 30, 2014

Building In The Winter

 God has really blessed our desire to build a little family business and we are needing more buildings for the sheep and alpacas.   We built one of the sheds and a fence around it this week.  Above is the before.

 Here is a picture of us in process with one shed.  And yes, there is a fire pit because it was cold.  But it was fun building and planning for our little adventure.  Our sheep were curious and hung around as we worked.  

 Here’s Coral and her little girl.  It is so cute the way the baby gets up on her mom.  I can imagine her saying ...
 “Mom, Mom?  Do you hear me?"

 I can tell you without hesitation that I DO NOT like building steel sheds.  I would MUCH RATHER work with wood.  But, hey, it was on sale, so you do what you can.  
Two more Dorper momma’s had their babies this last week, so we hope to bring them home this weekend.  However, it is snowing now, so we will see what happens.  
I have been sick anyway, so I have “rested” while learning this new skill on my borrowed spinning wheel.

I’m falling in love with spinning on a spinning wheel.  
How is your week going?

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