Monday, January 20, 2014

And Then There Were 5

Five little sheep roaming out in the pasture, that is…

 We decided to start a business … raising Dorper sheep for lamb meat.  We found a local lady who needed to liquidate her animals, and so began our new business.  We brought two ewes and one baby home in the back of the Bronco.  I suspect that some day soon we are going to have to seriously consider buying an animal trailer.  There is only so much I can keep asking of My Baby.  We will bring home 4 other ewes after they have given birth in the next month or so.  And we will also be bringing home a ram.  

 This little momma we named Onyx.  She gave birth to a dead baby two weeks ago.  So far we can tell she is VERY protective and has no problems butting heads to keep the Shetland sheep and the guard dog, Atlas, away from her and the other two Dorpers.  

 This momma we named Coral.  And her little girl beside her we won’t name yet.  

 Out Shetland sheep, Amber and Opal check out the new sheep from the other side of the fence.

 And Atlas so badly wanted to play with the new arrivals, but they would have nothing to do with that!

 I look at these animals and thank the LORD; for the beauty of His creation; the meat from one and the fiber from the other.  I thank Him for this new adventure and pray that our little ranch grows.  We are praying that we will began to make enough money to pay the children as workers.  

 We put up more fencing so that there will be room for the other animals that are coming home soon. 
We don’t know a darn thing about sheep or pasture care, but it is fun to learn about it all as a family.  
And so the "little ranch that could" grew by 3 more this weekend.

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