Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Pretty Little Blond

I remember when Caresse, Kalyn and I were at the art fair when a sweet, older man laughingly said, “She must be yours?”, pointing to Kalyn, and then pointed to Caresse and said “But she can’t be.”
I laughed back and teasingly told him that she was just following us around hoping that I would buy food for her.  
My side of the family has American Indian in them, which is obvious when you look at Kalyn.  Caresse definitely takes after Steve’s family who came from Holland only two generations ago.  
The fun part is how much Kalyn can be like her daddy, and how VERY much Caresse is like me in personality. 

Today I am taking Corbin to the ENT to find out what is going on with that thyroid cyst.  


  1. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls!

  2. Your daughters are breathtaking!

  3. My Morgan loved the horse picture :) They are both beautiful..inside and out. Blessings, Jennifer


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