Monday, October 22, 2012

Want Peace And Rest?

No, running away will not give you that...LOL.  (Did I read your mind?)

During the quiet of 2 a.m., I slipped downstairs to get a glass of milk and my Bible.  I sadly admit that I often look to other “things” instead my Bible when my mind is in a frustrated place.  Usually a diversion of some sort to drown out the frustration.  Of course, that doesn’t work - ever.  (Oh that I would learn this lesson).
My mind was just not resting!!!  And I knew that the LORD was asking me to spend time with Him.  I took my Bible back upstairs, layed in bed with it and my little light to read with.  
I was reading Psalms 92:1-2 when some words “caught” my attention.  I have learned when this happens to stop reading, and consider what caught my attention.  Verse two says “ (It is good ,) To declare Your steadfast love in the morning, and Your faithfulness by night.” 
I prayed thanking the LORD for His faithfulness to our family each and every day  As I was praying, I felt Him showing me how to fight the worries that weighed on me at night - simply declare, (to make clear, to make plain) to those thoughts and worries His faithfulness.  I felt their power evaporating.   And what about the day time?  The LORD has that covered too.  This verse says to declare His steadfast love in the morning.  I believe that we “fight” what would steal our joy, peace and faith when we declare to them the Truth that is in the scripture.  And this scripture makes it very clear that this is a daily practice.
When I wake up and declare out loud this prayer, “It is good to give thanks to You LORD and I declare Your steadfast love this morning.”  See, that’s powerful.  That’s what His truth does.  It frees us from the lies.  Yes, there are problems and worries, but I don’t want to give them power by declaring them as truth.   
See what I am talking about?  What am I declaring?  How tired I am, the financial stresses, the problems? Or am I going to declare HIS steadfast love by day and His faithfulness by night?
Oh, how I pray for us all to be faithful in our devotion to Him and to see and DECLARE His Truth in our lives.  I suspect that we will all find a little more peace and rest!!


  1. Isn't His truth amazing and powerful?!!!

  2. These are my favorite posts!! It's like you have a "hotline" straight to the FATHER!

    I know the enemy likes to attack me at night and take my thoughts away from the Lord. he loves to bring concern and fear into my life BUT GOD is so much bigger than all of this!

    I have learned to bring myself back to HIM! Where I belong- a beloved child of HIS and a mother to many.

    I cannot afford to allow the enemy into even a moment of my life!!

    All praise and glory to HIM!!

  3. "To declare Your steadfast love in the morning, and Your faithfulness by night.”
    I was struck by the same words recently too. I need reminding that this is really where I will find my rest :)

  4. It's so good to read your words, Shonni. I am often awake during the night and I love the reminder to meditate on the Lord's faithfulness. BTW, your posts on Alaska were so beautiful that I showed them to my family and told Russ we really need to go there one day.


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