Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Am I Passionate About?

I’m going to do some confessing here.  
I have sinned big time against my LORD GOD.  I have often said that I am passionate for the cause of the children who live as orphans in this world.  And while I am deeply concerned and heart broken for the injustices done to them,
I have been wrong to say that.  And I must also apologize to you for setting such a poor example.

“Most Christians walk a fuzzy line between devotion to God and devotion to other things.” (One Year Devotion)

Our family has really been thinking on how we “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”.   I am looking deep to see what little impurities I have decided I can live with.  
So I need to repent.  
What am I passionate about?
The Word Of God tells me very clearly where my devotion should be;
“Love the LORD your God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” Luke 10:27
And in Matthew, Jesus answered Satan’s temptation for his devotion by stating Deuteronomy,
“You shall worship the LORD your God and Him only shall you serve.”  
Let’s be passionate for the Kingdom of God!  

I am going through Matthew right now and writing down what Jesus reveals about the Kingdom of Heaven because God’s Kingdom is the one that we belong to, and if we are to be salt and light (Matt. 5) to our world, we need to make sure that we are representing His Kingdom in all that we say and do.  

We need to ask ourselves “What does the Kingdom of God look like and are we representing His Kingdom to our world?”  We need to search the Bible and be sure.  We need to ask some other questions too.
What impurities and compromises have I allowed that hinder my job to be salt and light? 
Am I teaching my children what His Kingdom looks like, or are they learning from a watered-down, confused culture?
When the LORD shows me a sin, am I going to be serious about changing it?  Or will I make excuses and continue to tolerate it?

What am I passionate about?


  1. Very true... thought provoking. Thank you!

  2. Yes, I completely agree. I notice this tendency in my own life. I want any passion for "following Him" to be simply a result of my passion and devotion TO HIM.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Shonni and Family!!! Prayers you had a great day all together on this day of thanks!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  4. I have been thinking deeply about this same thing! Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us where our passions should be :)



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