Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

Isn't this a cute picture of Caresse and Noelani...they really enjoy each other.
Noelani is having her big cleft palate surgery tomorrow morning.  We have heard that the bone graft site is the most painful part of this.  Because she is older and for other reasons the doctor has said that her CP is unusual.  There is also a tooth that we are praying he can save and reposition.  
I am glad that we are finally to the point in her cl/cp recovery.  We will keep you updated tomorrow.
loves to you all.


  1. Oh, I will definitely be praying! The palate extension was the hardest surgery for Jadon (so glad you're not having to deal with that!). The bone graft was painful for Jadon in the hip area, but he actually did really well. I'm praying the same for your sweetheart.

  2. I pray that all goes better than expected and she has minimal pain and a speedy recovery! We are getting ready to embark on a very similar journey with our daughter (14) cl/cp repair.

  3. Our daughter had the same surgery in April. She did really, really well. She didn't need the strong pain killers after she came home. She recovered quickly. Hope it goes as well your girl.


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