Monday, June 24, 2013

I Feel Like Throwing A Party!!

On Saturday, we found out from Caresse's precious friend that there was a soccer camp at a near by church this coming week.  So we sent in the form for 8 children to attend.  
I dropped them off this morning and came home with "only" three children.  LOL  And it gets better.  This is my last week of school, and soccer camp is a big happy for me, the teacher as well.  
So I feel like throwing a happy party.  

In other news, some wonderful blog friends came to visit us.
Jodi and her family, came out and we all fell in love with her two newest sons, Griggs and Hagan.

Hagan wanted to be like Landon and shoot a bow and arrow.  He got so excited when he found this Kinect safe version.  

And Griggs was an adorable little two year old who quickly had us wrapped around his chubby, little boy fingers.  
You know your an adoption loving family when your daughters say to you "Mom, they are so adorable.  Can we bring one home!?"  Yep, truly, it was the first thing that Kalyn and Caresse said to me. LOL!

I was so glad that we got together!!!  They are a precious family.  I hate that we live so far apart.

Steve and Landon got our electric fence up so that we can put the sheep out in a pasture.  

They loved the green grass to eat, and I love being able to look outside and see my little Shetlands so happy and peaceful.  

Well, it's almost time to pick up my little soccer team!  
Hope your having a great week.


  1. Okay- if you have a party- I'm coming!!

    We ended school a couple weeks ago... Mom needed too! It wasn't the original plan but it was good for everyone! Another reason why I love homeschooling!

    How wonderful that both families could get together! I am loving the pictures! Praise GOD! Look at all those joyful children!


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